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{Deuteronomy 29:19} And it come to pass, x1961 when he heareth 8085 z8800 x853 the words 1697 of this x2063 curse, 423 that he bless y1288 z8694 himself x1288 in his heart, 3824 saying, 559 z8800 I shall have x1961 peace, 7965 though 3588 I walk y3212 z8799 x1980 in the imagination 8307 of mine heart, 3820 to x4616 add 5595 z8800 drunkenness 7302 to x854 thirst: 6771
this curse:
"That thou shouldest enterª° into covenantª with the LORDª thy God,ª and into his oath,ª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª makethª° with¹ thee this day:ª" {Deu 29:12} + "But of the treeª¹ of the knowledgeª of goodª and evil,ª thou shalt not¹ eatª° of¹ it: for¹ in the dayª that thou eatestª° thereof¹ thou shalt surely²° die.ª°" {Gen 2:17}
that he bless:
"If¹ there be foundª° amongª you, within anyª of thy gatesª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª givethª° thee, manª or¹ woman,ª that¹ hath wroughtª°¹ wickednessª in the sightª of the LORDª thy God,ª in transgressingª° his covenant,ª" {Deu 17:2} + "But the soulª that¹ doethª° [ought] presumptuously,ªª° [whether he be] born in the land,ª¹ or a stranger,ª² the same¹ reproachethª°¹ the LORD;ª and that¹ soulª shall be cut offª° from amongª¹ his people.ª" {Num 15:30} + "And it shall be¹ unto you for a fringe,ª that ye may look²° upon¹ it, and rememberª°¹ all¹ the commandmentsª of the LORD,ª and doª° them; and that ye seekª° not¹ afterª your own heartª and your own eyes,ª afterª which¹ ye¹ use to go a whoring:ª°" {Num 15:39} + "The wicked,ª through the prideª of his countenance,ª will not¹ seekª° [after God]: Godª [is] not¹ in all¹ his thoughts.ª ... He hath saidª° in his heart,ª I shall not¹ be moved:ª° for [I shall] neverª¹¹ [be] in adversity.ª" {Psa 10:4-6} + "He hath saidª° in his heart,ª Godª hath forgotten:ª° he hidethª° his face;ª he will neverª¹ seeª° [it]." {Psa 10:11} + "Though¹ while he livedª he blessedª° his soul:ª and [men] will praiseª° thee, when¹ thou doest wellª° to thyself." {Psa 49:18} + "They slayª° the widowª and the stranger,ª and murderª° the fatherless.ª ... Yet they say,ª° The LORDª shall not¹ see,ª° neither¹ shall the Godª of Jacobª regardª° [it]." {Psa 94:6-7} + "He,ª that being often reprovedª hardenethª° [his] neck,ª shall suddenlyª be destroyed,ª° and that without¹ remedy.ª" {Prv 29:1} + "They have beliedª° the LORD,ª and said,ª° [It is] not¹ he;¹ neither¹ shall evilª comeª° upon¹ us; neither¹ shall we seeª° swordª nor famine:ª ... And the prophetsª shall become¹ wind,ª and the word²°¹ [is] not¹ in them: thus¹ shall it be doneª° unto them." {Jer 5:12-13} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª the Godª of Israel,ª Amendª° your waysª and your doings,ª and I will cause you to dwellª° in this¹ place.ª ... Is this¹ house,ª which¹ is calledª° by¹ my name,ª become¹ a denª of robbersª in your eyes?ª Behold,¹ even¹ I¹ have seenª° [it], saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 7:3-11} + "Then saidª° the prophetª Jeremiahª unto¹ Hananiahª the prophet,ª Hearª° now,¹ Hananiah;ª The LORDª hath not¹ sentª° thee; but thou¹ makest¹ this¹ peopleª to trustª° in¹ a lie.ª ... So Hananiahª the prophetª diedª° the same¹ yearª in the seventhª month.ª" {Jer 28:15-17} + "[As for] the wordª that¹ thou hast spokenª° unto¹ us in the nameª of the LORD,ª we will not¹ hearkenª° unto¹ thee. ... But¹ we will certainly²° doª°¹ whatsoever¹¹ thingª goeth forthª° out of our own mouth,ª¹ to burn incenseª° unto the queenª of heaven,ª and to pour outª° drink offeringsª unto her, as¹ we have done,ª° we,¹ and our fathers,ª our kings,ª and our princes,ª in the citiesª of Judah,ª and in the streetsª of Jerusalem:ª for [then] had we plentyª° of victuals,ª and were¹ well,ª and sawª° no¹ evil.ª" {Jer 44:16-17} + "Behold,¹ I will watchª° over¹ them for evil,ª and not¹ for good:ª and all¹ the menª of Judahª that¹ [are] in the landª of Egyptª shall be consumedª° by the swordª and by the famine,ª until¹ there be an endª° of them." {Jer 44:27} + "[To wit], the prophetsª of Israelª which prophesyª° concerning¹ Jerusalem,ª and which see²¹ visionsª of peaceª for her, and [there is] no¹ peace,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 13:16} + "Because¹ with liesª ye have made the heartª of the righteousª sad,ª° whom I¹ have not¹ made sad;ª° and strengthenedª° the handsª of the wicked,²¹ that he should not¹ returnª° from his wicked² way,ª¹¹ by promising him life:ª°" {Ezk 13:22} + "Let²° no manª deceiveª° youª with vainª words:ª forª becauseª of these thingsª comethª° the¹ wrathª of Godª uponª the¹ childrenª of disobedience.ª" {Eph 5:6}
though I walk:
"But the soulª that¹ doethª° [ought] presumptuously,ªª° [whether he be] born in the land,ª¹ or a stranger,ª² the same¹ reproachethª°¹ the LORD;ª and that¹ soulª shall be cut offª° from amongª¹ his people.ª" {Num 15:30} + "Rejoice,ª° O young man,ª in thy youth;ª and let thy heartª cheer²°¹ thee in the daysª of thy youth,ª and walkª° in the waysª of thine heart,ª and in the sightª of thine eyes:ª but knowª° thou, that¹ for¹ all¹ these¹ [things] Godª will bringª° thee into judgment.ª" {Ecc 11:9} + "Because² that,¹ when they knewª° God,ª they glorifiedª° [him] notª asª God,ª neitherª were thankful;ª° butª became vainª° inª their²¹ imaginations,ª andª their²¹ foolishª heartª was darkened.ª°" {Rom 1:21} + "Casting downª° imaginations,ª andª everyª high thingª that exalteth itselfª° againstª the¹ knowledgeª of God,ª andª bringing into captivityª° everyª thoughtª toª the¹ obedienceª of Christ;ª" {2Co 10:5} + "Thisª I sayª° therefore,ª andª testifyª° inª the Lord,ª that yeª henceforth²° walk²° notª¹ asªª otherª Gentilesª walk,ª° inª the vanityª of their²¹ mind,ª" {Eph 4:17}
or, stubborness, "At that¹ timeª they shall callª° Jerusalemª the throneª of the LORD;ª and all¹ the nationsª shall be gatheredª° unto¹ it, to the nameª of the LORD,ª to Jerusalem:ª neither¹ shall they walk²°¹ any more¹ afterª the imaginationª of their evilª heart.ª" {Jer 3:17} + "But they hearkenedª° not,¹ nor¹ inclinedª°¹ their ear,ª but walked²°¹ in the counselsª [and] in the imaginationª of their evilª heart,ª and went¹ backward,ª and not¹ forward.ª" {Jer 7:24} *marg.
to add:
A very forcible metaphor, denoting the natural progress and increasing avidity of sinful passions and depraved inclinations; which lead men to drink down iniquity as the drunkard does his liquor, without regard to the consequences. Some render, "to add thirst to drunkenness;" and then it implies the insatiableness of men's sinful passions, which hanker for more and more indulgence after the greatest excesses.
drunkenness to thirst:
Heb. the drunken to the thirsty

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