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{Deuteronomy 27:15} Cursed 779 z8803 [be] the man 376 that x834 maketh 6213 z8799 [any] graven 6459 or molten image, 4541 an abomination 8441 unto the LORD, 3068 the work 4639 of the hands 3027 of the craftsman, 2796 and putteth 7760 z8804 [it] in [a] secret 5643 [place]. And all x3605 the people 5971 shall answer 6030 z8804 and say, 559 z8804 Amen. 543
Cursed be:
"Cursedª° [shalt] thou¹ [be] in the city,ª and cursedª° [shalt] thou¹ [be] in the field.ª ... Cursedª° [shalt] thou¹ [be] when thou comest in,ª° and cursedª° [shalt] thou¹ [be] when thou goest out.ª°" {Deu 28:16-19} + "And he said,ª° Cursedª° [be] Canaan;ª a servantª of servantsª shall he be¹ unto his brethren.ª" {Gen 9:25} + "Now¹ therefore, I pray thee,¹ let my lordª the kingª hearª°¹ the wordsª of his servant.ª If¹ the LORDª have stirred thee upª° against me, let him acceptª° an offering:ª but if¹ [they be] the childrenª of men,ª cursedª° [be] they¹ beforeª the LORD;ª for¹ they have driven²° me out¹ this dayª from abidingª°¹ in the inheritanceª of the LORD,ª saying,ª° Go,²°¹ serveª° otherª gods.ª" {1Sm 26:19} + "And sayª° thou unto¹ them, Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª Godª of Israel;ª Cursedª° [be] the manª that¹ obeyethª° not¹¹ the wordsª of this¹ covenant,ª" {Jer 11:3}
"Lest¹ ye corruptª° [yourselves], and makeª° you a graven image,ª the similitudeª of any¹ figure,ª the likenessª of maleª or¹ female,ª ... Take heedª° unto yourselves, lest¹ ye forgetª°¹ the covenantª of the LORDª your God,ª which¹ he madeª° with¹ you, and makeª° you a graven image,ª [or] the likenessª of anyª [thing], which¹ the LORDª thy Godª hath forbiddenª° thee." {Deu 4:16-23} + "Thou shalt not¹ makeª° thee [any] graven image,ª [or] any¹ likenessª [of any thing] that¹ [is] in heavenª above,ª¹ or that¹ [is] in the earthª beneath,¹¹ or that¹ [is] in the watersª beneath¹¹ the earth:ª" {Deu 5:8} + "Thou shalt not¹ makeª° unto thee any graven image,ª or any¹ likenessª [of any thing] thatª [is] in heavenª above,ª¹ or that¹ [is] in the earthª beneath,¹¹ or that¹ [is] in the waterª under¹¹ the earth:ª" {Exd 20:4} + "Ye shall not¹ makeª° with¹ me godsª of silver,ª neither¹ shall ye makeª° unto you godsª of gold.ª" {Exd 20:23} + "And when the peopleª sawª° that¹ Mosesª delayedª° to come downª° out of¹ the mount,ª the peopleª gathered themselves togetherª° unto¹ Aaron,ª and saidª° unto¹ him, Up,ª° makeª° us gods,ª which¹ shall go²°¹ beforeª us; for¹ [as for] this¹ Moses,ª the manª that¹ brought²° us up¹ out of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª we wotª° not¹ what¹ is become¹ of him. ... And he receivedª° [them] at their hand,ª¹ and fashionedª° it with a graving tool,ª after he had madeª° it a moltenª calf:ª and they said,ª° These¹ [be] thy gods,ª O Israel,ª which¹ brought²° thee up¹ out of the landª¹ of Egypt.ª" {Exd 32:1-4} + "Thou shalt makeª° thee no¹ moltenª gods.ª" {Exd 34:17} + "Turnª° ye not¹ unto¹ idols,ª nor¹ makeª° to yourselves moltenª gods:ª I¹ [am] the LORDª your God.ª" {Lev 19:4} + "Ye shall makeª° you no¹ idolsª nor graven image,ª neither¹ rear you upª° a standing image,ª neither¹ shall ye set upª° [any] imageª of stoneª in your land,ª to bow downª° unto¹ it: for¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª your God.ª" {Lev 26:1} + "They that makeª° a graven imageª [are] all¹ of them vanity;ª and their delectable thingsª° shall not¹ profit;ª° and they¹ [are] their own witnesses;ª they seeª° not,¹ nor¹ know;ª° that¹ they may be ashamed.ª° ... Who¹ hath formedª° a god,ª or moltenª° a graven imageª [that] is profitableª° for nothing?ª" {Isa 44:9-10} + "And the residueª thereof he makethª° a god,ª [even] his graven image:ª he falleth downª° unto it, and worshippethª° [it], and prayethª° unto¹ it, and saith,ª° Deliverª° me; for¹ thou¹ [art] my god.ª" {Isa 44:17} + "And now¹ they sinª° more and more,ª° and have madeª° them molten imagesª of their silver,ª¹ [and] idolsª according to their own understanding,ª all¹ of it the workª of the craftsmen:ª they¹ sayª° of them, Let the menª that sacrificeª° kissª° the calves.ª ... Therefore¹ they shall be¹ as the morningª cloud,ª and as the earlyª° dewª that passeth away,ª° as the chaffª [that] is driven with the whirlwindª° out of the floor,ª¹ and as the smokeª out of the chimney.ª¹" {Hsa 13:2-3}
an abomination:
"And ye have seenª°¹ their abominations,ª and their idols,ª woodª and stone,ª silverª and gold,ª which¹ [were] among¹ them:)" {Deu 29:17} + "For Solomonª went²°¹ afterª Ashtorethª the goddessª of the Zidonians,ª and afterª Milcomª the abominationª of the Ammonites.ª ... Then¹ did Solomonª buildª° an high placeª for Chemosh,ª the abominationª of Moab,ª in the hillª that¹ [is] beforeª¹ Jerusalem,ª and for Molech,ª the abominationª of the childrenª of Ammon.ª" {1Kg 11:5-7} + "And the high placesª that¹ [were] beforeª¹ Jerusalem,ª which¹ [were] on the right handª¹ of the mountª of corruption,ª which¹ Solomonª the kingª of Israelª had buildedª° for Ashtorethª the abominationª of the Zidonians,ª and for Chemoshª the abominationª of the Moabites,ª and for Milcomª the abominationª of the childrenª of Ammon,ª did the kingª defile.ª°" {2Kg 23:13} + "But didª° [that which was] evilª in the sightª of the LORD,ª like unto the abominationsª of the heathen,ª whom¹ the LORDª had cast outª° beforeª¹ the childrenª of Israel.ª" {2Ch 33:2} + "And none¹ considerethª° in¹ his heart,ª neither¹ [is there] knowledgeª nor¹ understandingª to say,ª° I have burnedª° partª of it inª the fire;ª yea,¹ also I have bakedª° breadª upon¹ the coalsª thereof; I have roastedª° flesh,ª and eatenª° [it]: and shall I makeª° the residueª thereof an abomination?ª shall I fall downª° to the stockª of a tree?ª" {Isa 44:19} + "As for the beautyª of his ornament,ª he setª° it in majesty:ª but they madeª° the imagesª of their abominationsª [and] of their detestable thingsª therein: therefore¹¹ have I setª° it farª from them." {Ezk 7:20} + "And armsª shall standª° on his part,¹ and they shall polluteª° the sanctuaryª of strength,ª and shall take awayª° the dailyª [sacrifice], and they shall placeª° the abominationª that maketh desolate.ª°" {Dan 11:31} + "Whenª ye thereforeª shall seeª° the¹ abominationª of desolation,ª spoken¹ of²° byª Danielª the¹ prophet,ª standª°°° inª the holyª place,ª (whoso readeth,ª° let him understand:)ª°" {Mtt 24:15} + "Andª the¹ womanª wasª° arrayedª° in purpleª andª scarlet colour,ª andª deckedª° with goldª andª preciousª stonesª andª pearls,ª havingª° a goldenª cupª inª her²¹ handª full¹ of²° abominationsª andª filthinessª of her²¹ fornication:ª ... Andª uponª her²¹ foreheadª [was] a nameª written,ª° MYSTERY,ª BABYLONª THE¹ GREAT,ª THE¹ MOTHERª OF HARLOTSª ANDª ABOMINATIONSª OF THE¹ EARTH.ª" {Rev 17:4-5}
and putteth:
"And Labanª wentª° to shearª°¹ his sheep:ª and Rachelª had stolenª°¹ the imagesª that¹ [were] her father's.ª" {Gen 31:19} + "Now Rachelª had takenª°¹ the images,ª and putª° them in the camel'sª furniture,ª and satª° upon¹ them. And Labanª searchedª°¹ all¹ the tent,ª but foundª° [them] not.¹" {Gen 31:34} + "Also¹ Judahª keptª° not¹¹ the commandmentsª of the LORDª their God,ª but walked²°¹ in the statutesª of Israelª which¹ they made.ª°" {2Kg 17:19} + "If¹ we have forgottenª° the nameª of our God,ª or stretched outª° our handsª to a strangeª° god;ª ... Shall not¹ Godª search¹ this¹ out?²° for¹ he¹ knowethª° the secretsª of the heart.ª" {Psa 44:20-21} + "Can¹ anyª hide²° himself¹ in secret placesª that I¹ shall not¹ seeª° him? saithª° the LORD.ª Do not¹ I¹ fill²¹¹ heavenª and earth?ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 23:24} + "And he broughtª° me to¹ the doorª of the court;ª and when I looked,ª° behold¹ aª holeª in the wall.ª ... Then saidª° he unto¹ me, Sonª of man,ª hast thou seenª° what¹ the ancientsª of the houseª of Israelª doª° in the dark,ª every manª in the chambersª of his imagery?ª for¹ they say,ª° The LORDª seethª° us not;¹ the LORDª hath forsakenª°¹ the earth.ª" {Ezk 8:7-12} + "Therefore¹ speakª° unto them, and sayª° unto¹ them, Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Every manª of the houseª¹ of Israelª that¹ setteth upª°¹ his idolsª in¹ his heart,ª and puttethª° the stumblingblockª of his iniquityª beforeª his face,ª and comethª° to¹ the prophet;ª I¹ the LORDª will answerª° him that comethª° according to the multitudeª of his idols;ª" {Ezk 14:4}
And all:
"And this¹ waterª that causeth the curseª° shall goª° into thy bowels,ª to make [thy] bellyª to swell,ª° and [thy] thighª to rot:ª° And the womanª shall say,ª° Amen,ª amen.ª" {Num 5:22} + "That¹ I may performª°¹ the oathª which¹ I have swornª° unto your fathers,ª to giveª° them a landª flowingª° with milkª and honey,ª as [it is] this¹ day.ª Then answeredª° I, and said,ª° So be it,ª O LORD.ª" {Jer 11:5} + "Even the prophetª Jeremiahª said,ª° Amen:ª the LORDª doª° so:¹ the LORDª performª°¹ thy wordsª which¹ thou hast prophesied,ª° to bring againª° the vesselsª of the LORD'Sª house,ª and all¹ that is carried away captive,ª from Babylonª¹ into¹ this¹ place.ª" {Jer 28:6} + "Andª leadª° usª notª intoª temptation,ª butª deliverª° usª fromª evil:ª Forª thineª isª° the¹ kingdom,ª andª the¹ power,ª andª the¹ glory,ª for² ever.ª¹ Amen.ª" {Mtt 6:13} + "Elseª whenª thou shalt blessª° with the¹ spirit,ª howª shall he that occupiethª° the¹ roomª of the¹ unlearnedª sayª° Amenª¹ atª thyª giving of thanks,ª seeingª he understandethª° notª whatª thou sayest?ª°" {1Co 14:16}
To each of the curses the people were to say Amen, as well as to the blessings; to denote a profession of their faith in the truth of them, that they were the real declarations of the wrath of God; and an acknowledgment of the equity of these curses. It was such an imprecation upon themselves, as strongly obliged them to have nothing to do with those evil practices on which the curse is entailed. We read of those who entered a curse to walk in God's law. "They claveª° to¹ their brethren,ª their nobles,ª and enteredª° into a curse,ª and into an oath,ª to walk²°¹ in God'sª law,ª which¹ was givenª° byª Mosesª the servantª of God,ª and to observeª° and doª°¹ all¹ the commandmentsª of the LORDª our Lord,ª and his judgmentsª and his statutes;ª" {Neh 10:29}. All the people, by saying this Amen, became bound one for another, that they would observe God's laws, by which every man was obliged, as far as he could, to prevent his neighbour from breaking these laws, and to reprove those that had offended, lest they should bear sin and the curse for them.

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