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{Deuteronomy 26:5} And thou shalt speak 6030 z8804 and say 559 z8804 before 6440 the LORD 3068 thy God, 430 A Syrian 761 ready to perish 6 z8802 [was] my father, 1 and he went down 3381 z8799 into Egypt, 4714 and sojourned 1481 z8799 there x8033 with y4962 a few, 4592 x4692 and became x1961 there x8033 a nation, 1471 great, 1419 mighty, 6099 and populous: 7227
A Syrian:
Jacob being called a Syrian from his long residence in Padan-aram. "But¹ thou shalt go²°¹ unto¹ my country,ª and to¹ my kindred,ª and takeª° a wifeª unto my sonª Isaac.ª" {Gen 24:4} + "And Isaacª was¹ fortyª yearsª oldª when he tookª°¹ Rebekahª to wife,ª the daughterª of Bethuelª the Syrianª of Padanaram,ª¹ the sisterª to Labanª the Syrian.ª" {Gen 25:20} + "And Isaacª sent awayª°¹ Jacob:ª and he went²°¹ to Padanaramª unto¹ Laban,ª sonª of Bethuelª the Syrian,ª the brotherª of Rebekah,ª Jacob'sª and Esau'sª mother.ª" {Gen 28:5} + "And Jacobª stole awayª°¹ unawaresª to Labanª the Syrian,ª in thatª he toldª° him notª that¹ he¹ fled.ª°" {Gen 31:20} + "And Godª cameª° to¹ Labanª the Syrianª in a dreamª by night,ª and saidª° unto him, Take heedª° that¹ thou speakª° not toª Jacobª either goodª¹ orª bad.ª" {Gen 31:24} + "And Jacobª fledª° into the countryª of Syria,ª and Israelª servedª° for a wife,ª and for a wifeª he keptª° [sheep]." {Hsa 12:12}
"And Esauª hatedª°¹ Jacobª because² of¹ the blessingª wherewithª his fatherª blessed¹ him:²° and Esauª saidª° in his heart,ª The daysª of mourningª for my fatherª are at hand;ª° then will I slayª°¹ my brotherª Jacob.ª" {Gen 27:41} + "[Thus] I was;¹ in the dayª the droughtª consumedª° me, and the frostª by night;ª and my sleepª departedª° from mine eyes.ª¹" {Gen 31:40} + "And the famineª [was] soreª in the land.ª ... And it came to pass,¹ when¹ they had eaten upªª°°¹ the cornª which¹ they had brought¹ out²° of Egypt,ª¹ their fatherª saidª° unto¹ them, Go again,ª° buyª° us a littleª food.ª" {Gen 43:1-2} + "And takeª° doubleª moneyª in your hand;ª and the moneyª that was brought againª° in the mouthª of your sacks,ª carry [it] againª° in your hand;ª peradventure¹ it¹ [was] an oversight:ª" {Gen 43:12} + "And Godª sentª° me before¹ you² to preserveª° you a posterityª in the earth,ª and to save your livesª° by a greatª deliverance.ª" {Gen 45:7} + "And there¹ will I nourishª° thee; for¹ yet¹ [there are] fiveª yearsª of famine;ª lest¹ thou,¹ and thy household,ª and all¹ that¹ thou hast, come to poverty.ª°" {Gen 45:11} + "Hearkenª° to¹ me, ye that follow afterª° righteousness,ª ye that seekª° the LORD:ª lookª° unto¹ the rockª [whence] ye are hewn,ª° and to¹ the holeª of the pitª [whence] ye are digged.ª° ... Lookª° unto¹ Abrahamª your father,ª and unto¹ Sarahª [that] bareª° you: for¹ I calledª° him alone,ª and blessedª° him, and increasedª° him." {Isa 51:1-2}
he went down:
"And Israelª took his journeyª° with all¹ that¹ he had, and cameª° to Beersheba,ª and offeredª° sacrificesª unto the Godª of his fatherª Isaac.ª ... His sons,ª and his sons'ª sonsª with¹ him, his daughters,ª and his sons'ª daughters,ª and all¹ his seedª brought¹ he²° with¹ him into Egypt.ª" {Gen 46:1-7} + "Israelª also came²° into¹ Egypt;ª and Jacobª sojournedª° in the landª of Ham.ª ... And he increasedª°¹ his peopleª greatly;ª and made them strongerª° than their enemies.ª¹" {Psa 105:23-24} + "Soª Jacobª went downª° intoª Egypt,ª andª died,ª° he,ª andª ourª fathers,ª" {Act 7:15}
a few:
"The LORDª did not¹ set his loveª° upon you, nor chooseª° you, because ye were more² in number¹¹ than any¹¹ people;ª for¹ ye¹ [were] the fewestª of all¹¹ people:ª" {Deu 7:7} + "And the sonsª of Joseph,ª which¹ were bornª° him in Egypt,ª [were] twoª souls:ª all¹ the soulsª of the houseª of Jacob,ª which cameª° into Egypt,ª [were] threescore and ten.ª" {Gen 46:27} + "And all¹ the soulsª that came outª° of the loinsª of Jacobª were¹ seventyª souls:ª for Josephª was¹ in Egyptª [already]." {Exd 1:5}
"Thy fathersª went downª° into Egyptª with threescore and tenª persons;ª and now¹ the LORDª thy Godª hath madeª° thee as the starsª of heavenª for multitude.ª" {Deu 10:22} + "And Israelª dweltª° in the landª of Egypt,ª in the countryª of Goshen;ª and they had possessionsª° therein, and grew,ª° and multipliedª° exceedingly.ª" {Gen 47:27} + "And the childrenª of Israelª were fruitful,ª° and increased abundantly,ª° and multiplied,ª° and waxed exceedingª mighty;ªª° and the landª was filledª° with¹ them." {Exd 1:7} + "But the more¹ they afflictedª° them, the moreª they multipliedª° and grew.ª°¹ And they were grievedª° becauseª¹ of the childrenª of Israel.ª" {Exd 1:12}

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