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{Deuteronomy 24:13} In any case y7725 z8687 thou shalt deliver 7725 z0 him x853 the pledge 5667 again y7725 z8686 when the sun 8121 goeth down, 935 z8800 that he may sleep 7901 z8804 in his own raiment, 8008 and bless 1288 z8765 thee: and it shall be x1961 righteousness 6666 unto thee before 6440 the LORD 3068 thy God. 430
"If¹ thou at all²° take²° thy neighbour's² raiment² to pledge,ª°¹¹ thou shalt deliverª° it unto him by² that¹ the sunª goeth down:ª° ... For¹ that¹ [is] his coveringª only,¹ it¹ [is] his raimentª for his skin:ª wherein¹ shall he sleep?ª° and it shall come to pass,¹ when¹ he criethª° unto¹ me, that I will hear;ª° for¹ I¹ [am] gracious.ª" {Exd 22:26-27} + "They cause the nakedª to lodgeª° without¹¹ clothing,ª that [they have] no¹ coveringª in the cold.ª ... They are wetª° with the showersª¹ of the mountains,ª and embraceª° the rockª for want¹¹ of a shelter.ª" {Job 24:7-8} + "When¹ the earª heardª° [me], then it blessedª° me; and when the eyeª sawª° [me], it gave witnessª° to me: ... The blessingª of him that was ready to perishª° cameª° upon¹ me: and I caused the widow'sª heartª to sing for joy.ª°" {Job 29:11-13} + "If¹ I have withheldª° the poorª from [their] desire,ª¹ or have caused the eyesª of the widowª to fail;ª° ... If¹ his loinsª have not¹ blessedª° me, and [if] he were [not] warmedª° with the fleeceª¹ of my sheep;ª" {Job 31:16-20} + "And hath not¹ oppressedª° any,ª [but] hath restoredª° to the debtorª his pledge,ª hath spoiledª° none¹ by violence,ª hath givenª° his breadª to the hungry,ª and hath coveredª° the nakedª with a garment;ª" {Ezk 18:7} + "Hath oppressedª° the poorª and needy,ª hath spoiledª° by violence,ª hath not¹ restoredª° the pledge,ª and hath lifted upª° his eyesª to¹ the idols,ª hath committedª° abomination,ª" {Ezk 18:12} + "Neither¹ hath oppressedª° any,ª hath not¹ withholdenª° the pledge,ª neither¹ hath spoiledª° by violence,ª [but] hath givenª° his breadª to the hungry,ª and hath coveredª° the nakedª with a garment,ª" {Ezk 18:16} + "[If] the wickedª restoreª° the pledge,ª give againª° that he had robbed,ª walkª° in the statutesª of life,ª without¹ committingª° iniquity;ª he shall surely²° live,ª° he shall not¹ die.ª°" {Ezk 33:15} + "And they lay [themselves] downª° upon¹ clothesª laid to pledgeª° byª every¹ altar,ª and they drinkª° the wineª of the condemnedª° [in] the houseª of their god.ª" {Ams 2:8} + "The¹ Lordª giveª° mercyª unto the¹ houseª of Onesiphorus;ª forª he²° oftª refreshedª° me,ª andª was²° notª ashamedª° of myª chain:ª ... The¹ Lordª grantª° unto himª that he may findª° mercyª ofª the Lordª inª thatª day:ª andª in how many thingsª he ministered unto¹ me²° atª Ephesus,ª thouª knowestª° very well.ª" {2Tm 1:16-18}
the sun:
"At his dayª thou shalt giveª° [him] his hire,ª neither¹ shall the sunª go downª° upon¹ it; for¹ he¹ [is] poor,ª and settethª°¹ his heartª upon¹ it: lest¹ he cryª° against¹ thee unto¹ the LORD,ª and it be¹ sinª unto thee." {Deu 24:15} + "Whiles byª the¹ experimentª of thisª ministrationª they glorifyª° Godª for² yourª professedª subjectionª untoª the¹ gospelª of Christ,ª andª for [your] liberalª distributionª untoª them,ª andª untoª allª [men]; ... Andª by theirª prayerª forª you,ª which long afterª° youª forª the¹ exceedingª° graceª of Godª inª you.ª" {2Co 9:13-14} + "Be ye angry,ª° andª sinª° not:² let²°¹ notª the¹ sunª go downª° uponª yourª wrath:ª" {Eph 4:26}
in his own raiment:
The raiment here referred to was most likely the same as the hyke of the Arabs, a long kind of blanket, resembling a Highland plaid, generally about six yards in length, and five or six feet broad; in which they often carry their provisions, as well as wrap themselves in, in the day, and sleep in at night, it being their only substitute for a bed. How necessary, then, it was to restore the hyke to a poor man before the going down of the sun, that he might have something to repose on, will sufficiently appear from these considerations.
shall be:
"And it shall be¹ our righteousness,ª if¹ we observeª° to doª°¹ all¹ theseª commandmentsª beforeª the LORDª our God,ª as¹ he hath commandedª° us." {Deu 6:25} + "Bewareª° that¹ there be¹ not a thoughtª in¹ thy wickedª heart,ª saying,ª° The seventhª year,ª the yearª of release,ª is at hand;ª° and thine eyeª be evilª° against thy poorª brother,ª and thou givestª° him nought;¹ and he cryª° unto¹ the LORDª against¹ thee, and it be¹ sinª unto thee. ... Thou shalt surely²° giveª° him, and thine heartª shall not¹ be grieved²°¹ when thou givestª° unto him: because² that¹ for¹ this¹ thingª the LORDª thy Godª shall blessª° thee in all¹ thy works,ª and in all¹ that thou puttestª thine handª unto." {Deu 15:9-10} + "And he believedª° in the LORD;ª and he countedª° it to him for righteousness.ª" {Gen 15:6} + "Then stood upª° Phinehas,ª and executed judgment:ª° and [so] the plagueª was stayed.ª° ... And that was countedª° unto him for righteousnessª unto all² generationsª for² evermore.ª¹" {Psa 106:30-31} + "He hath dispersed,ª° he hath givenª° to the poor;ª his righteousnessª endurethª° for ever;ª his hornª shall be exaltedª° with honour.ª" {Psa 112:9} + "Then¹ shall thy lightª break forthª° as the morning,ª and thine healthª shall spring forthª° speedily:ª and thy righteousnessª shall goª° beforeª thee; the gloryª of the LORDª shall be thy rereward.ª°" {Isa 58:8} + "Wherefore,ª O king,ª let my counselª be acceptableª° unto¹ thee,² and break¹ off²° thy sinsª by righteousness,ª and thine iniquitiesª by shewing mercyª° to the poor;ª° ifª it may beª° a lengtheningª of thy tranquillity.ª" {Dan 4:27} + "Pureª religionª andª undefiledª beforeª Godª andª the Fatherª isª° this,ª To visitª° the fatherlessª andª widowsª inª theirª affliction,ª [and] to keepª° himselfª unspottedª fromª the¹ world.ª" {Jms 1:27} + "Forª he shall have judgmentª without mercy,ª that hath shewedª° noª mercy;ª andª mercyª rejoiceth againstª° judgment.ª ... Andª the¹ scriptureª was fulfilledª° which saith,ªª° Abrahamª believedª° God,ª andª it was imputedª° unto himª forª righteousness:ª andª he was calledª° the Friendª of God.ª" {Jms 2:13-23}

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