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{Deuteronomy 4:39} Know 3045 z8804 therefore this day, 3117 and consider 7725 z8689 [it] in x413 thine heart, 3824 that x3588 the LORD 3068 he x1931 [is] God 430 in heaven 8064 above, 4605 x4480 and upon x5921 the earth 776 beneath: x4480 x8478 [there is] none x369 else. x5750
and consider:
"O thatª they were wise,ª° [that] they understoodª° this,¹ [that] they would considerª° their latter end!ª" {Deu 32:29} + "And thou,¹ Solomonª my son,ª knowª° thou¹ the Godª of thy father,ª and serveª° him with a perfectª heartª and with a willingª mind:ª for¹ the LORDª searchethª° all¹ hearts,ª and understandethª° all¹ the imaginationsª of the thoughts:ª if¹ thou seekª° him, he will be foundª° of thee; but if¹ thou forsakeª° him, he will cast thee offª° for ever.²¹" {1Ch 28:9} + "The oxª knowethª° his owner,ª° and the assª his master'sª crib:ª [but] Israelª doth not¹ know,ª° my peopleª doth not¹ consider.ª°" {Isa 1:3} + "And the harp,ª and the viol,ª the tabret,ª and pipe,ª and wine,ª are¹ in their feasts:ª but they regardª° not¹ the workª of the LORD,ª neither¹ considerª° the operationª of his hands.ª" {Isa 5:12} + "And they considerª° not¹ in their heartsª [that] I rememberª° all¹ their wickedness:ª now¹ their own doingsª have beset them about;ª° they are¹ before¹ my face.ª" {Hsa 7:2}
"Unto thee¹ it was shewed,ª° that thou mightest knowª° that¹ the LORDª he¹ [is] God;ª [there is] none¹ elseª beside¹¹ him.²" {Deu 4:35} + "And as soon as we had heardª° [these things], our heartsª did melt,ª° neither¹ did there remainª° any more¹ courageª in any man,ª because² of¹¹ you: for¹ the LORDª your God,ª he¹ [is] Godª in heavenª above,ª¹ and in¹ earthª beneath.¹¹" {Jsh 2:11} + "Thine, O LORD,ª [is] the greatness,ª and the power,ª and the glory,ª and the victory,ª and the majesty:ª for¹ all¹ [that is] in the heavenª and in the earthª [is thine]; thine [is] the kingdom,ª O LORD,ª and thou art exaltedª° as headª above all.¹" {1Ch 29:11} + "And said,ª° O LORDª Godª of our fathers,ª [art] not¹ thou¹ Godª in heaven?ª and rulestª° [not] thou¹ over all¹ the kingdomsª of the heathen?ª and in thine handª [is there not] powerª and might,ª so that none¹ is able to withstandª°¹ thee?" {2Ch 20:6} + "But our Godª [is] in the heavens:ª he hath doneª° whatsoever¹¹ he hath pleased.ª°" {Psa 115:3} + "Whatsoever¹¹ the LORDª pleased,ª° [that] didª° he in heaven,ª and in earth,ª in the seas,ª and all¹ deep places.ª" {Psa 135:6} + "And allª the inhabitantsª° of the earthª [are] reputedª° as nothing:ª and he doethª° according to his willª° in the armyª of heaven,ª and [among] the inhabitantsª° of the earth:ª and noneª canª stayª° his hand,ª or sayª° unto him, Whatª doestª° thou?" {Dan 4:35}

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