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{Deuteronomy 4:19} And lest x6435 thou lift up 5375 z8799 thine eyes 5869 unto heaven, 8064 and when thou seest 7200 z8804 x853 the sun, 8121 and the moon, 3394 and the stars, 3556 [even] all x3605 the host 6635 of heaven, 8064 shouldest be driven 5080 z8738 to worship 7812 z8694 them, and serve 5647 z8804 them, which x834 the LORD 3068 thy God 430 hath divided 2505 z8804 x853 unto all x3605 nations 5971 under x8478 the whole x3605 heaven. 8064
when thou:
"And hath gone²°¹ and servedª° otherª gods,ª and worshippedª° them, either the sun,ª or¹ moon,ª or¹ any¹ of the hostª of heaven,ª which¹ I have not¹ commanded;ª°" {Deu 17:3} + "And the kingª commandedª°¹ Hilkiahª the highª priest,ª and the priestsª of the second order,ª and the keepersª° of the door,ª to bring forthª° out of the templeª¹ of the LORDª¹ all¹ the vesselsª that were madeª° for Baal,ª and for the grove,ª and for all¹ the hostª of heaven:ª and he burnedª° them withoutª¹ Jerusalemª in the fieldsª of Kidron,ª and carriedª°¹ the ashesª of them unto Bethel.ª ... And he put downª°¹ the idolatrous priests,ª whom¹ the kingsª of Judahª had ordainedª° to burn incenseª° in the high placesª in the citiesª of Judah,ª and in the places round aboutª Jerusalem;ª them also that burned incenseª° unto Baal,ª to the sun,ª and to the moon,ª and to the planets,ª and to all¹ the hostª of heaven.ª" {2Kg 23:4-5} + "And he took awayª°¹ the horsesª that¹ the kingsª of Judahª had givenª° to the sun,ª at the entering inª°¹ of the houseª of the LORD,ª by¹ the chamberª of Nathanmelechª the chamberlain,ª which¹ [was] in the suburbs,ª and burnedª° the chariotsª of the sunª with fire.ª" {2Kg 23:11} + "If¹ I beheldª° the sunª when¹ it shined,ª° or the moonª walkingª° [in] brightness;ª ... And my heartª hath been secretlyª enticed,ª° or my mouthª hath kissedª° my hand:ª" {Job 31:26-27} + "And they shall spreadª° them before the sun,ª and the moon,ª and all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª whom¹ they have loved,ª° and whom¹ they have served,ª° and afterª whom¹ they have walked,ª° and whom¹ they have sought,ª° and whom¹ they have worshipped:ª° they shall not¹ be gathered,ª° nor¹ be buried;ª° they shall be¹ for dungª upon¹ the faceª of the earth.ª" {Jer 8:2} + "And he broughtª° me into¹ the innerª courtª of the LORD'Sª house,ª and, behold,¹ at the doorª of the templeª of the LORD,ª between¹ the porchª and the altar,ª [were] about fiveª and twentyª men,ª with their backsª toward¹ the templeª of the LORD,ª and their facesª toward the east;ª and they¹ worshippedª° the sunª toward the east.ª" {Ezk 8:16} + "Have ye offeredª° unto me sacrificesª and offeringsª in the wildernessª fortyª years,ª O houseª of Israel?ª ... But ye have borneª°¹ the tabernacleª of your Moloch²¹ and Chiunª your images,ª the starª of your god,ª which¹ ye madeª° to yourselves." {Ams 5:25-26}
the host:
"Thus the heavensª and the earthª were finished,ª° and all¹ the host¹ of them.²" {Gen 2:1} + "And they leftª°¹ all¹ the commandmentsª of the LORDª their God,ª and madeª° them molten images,ª [even] twoª calves,ª and madeª° a grove,ª and worshippedª° all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª and servedª°¹ Baal.ª" {2Kg 17:16} + "For he built upª° againª°¹ the high placesª which¹ Hezekiahª his fatherª had destroyed;ª° and he reared upª° altarsª for Baal,ª and madeª° a grove,ª as¹ didª° Ahabª kingª of Israel;ª and worshippedª° all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª and servedª° them." {2Kg 21:3} + "And the housesª of Jerusalem,ª and the housesª of the kingsª of Judah,ª shall be¹ defiledª as the placeª of Tophet,ª because of all¹ the housesª upon¹ whose¹ roofsª they have burned incenseª° unto all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª and have poured outª° drink offeringsª unto otherª gods.ª" {Jer 19:13} + "And them that worshipª° the hostª of heavenª upon¹ the housetops;ª and them that worshipª° [and] that swearª° by the LORD,ª and that swearª° by Malcham;²¹" {Zph 1:5} + "Thenª Godª turned,ª° andª gave²° them² upª°¹ to worshipª° the¹ hostª of heaven;ª as¹ it² is writtenª° inª the bookª of the¹ prophets,ª O ye houseª of Israel,ª have ye¹ offeredª²° to meª slain beastsª andª sacrificesª [by the space of] fortyª yearsª inª the¹ wilderness?ª" {Act 7:42} + "Whoª changedª° the¹ truthª of Godª intoª a lie,ª andª worshippedª° andª servedª° the¹ creatureª more thanª the¹ Creator,ª° whoª isª° blessedª for² ever.ª¹ Amen.ª" {Rom 1:25}
which the LORD[YHWH]:
"And Godª madeª°¹ twoª greatª lights;ª¹ the greaterª lightª to ruleª the day,ª and the lesserª lightª to ruleª the night:ª [he made] the starsª also. ... And to ruleª° over the dayª and over the night,ª and to divideª°¹ the lightª from¹ the darkness:ª and Godª sawª° that¹ [it was] good.ª" {Gen 1:16-18} + "Then¹ spakeª° Joshuaª to the LORDª in the dayª when the LORDª delivered upª°¹ the Amoritesª beforeª the childrenª of Israel,ª and he saidª° in the sightª of Israel,ª Sun,ª stand thou stillª° upon Gibeon;ª and thou, Moon,ª in the valleyª of Ajalon.ª ... And the sunª stood still,ª° and the moonª stayed,ª° until¹ the peopleª had avengedª° themselves upon their enemies.ª° [Is] not¹ thisª writtenª° in¹ the bookª of Jasher?ª So the sunª stood¹ still²° in the midstª of heaven,ª and hastedª° not¹ to go downª° about a wholeª day.ª" {Jsh 10:12-13} + "Thou,¹ [even] thou,¹ [art] LORDª alone;¹ thou¹ hast madeª°¹ heaven,ª the heavenª of heavens,ª with all¹ their host,ª the earth,ª and all¹ [things] that¹ [are] therein,¹ the seas,ª and all¹ that¹ [is] therein, and thou¹ preservestª°¹ them all;¹ and the hostª of heavenª worshippethª° thee." {Neh 9:6} + "The dayª [is] thine, the nightª also¹ [is] thine: thou¹ hast preparedª° the lightª and the sun.ª ... Thou¹ hast setª° all¹ the bordersª of the earth:ª thou¹ hast madeª° summerª and winter.ª" {Psa 74:16-17} + "To him that madeª° greatª lights:ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever:ª ...¹ The moonª and starsª to ruleª by night:ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever.ª" {Psa 136:7-9} + "Praiseª° ye him, sunª and moon:ª praiseª° him, all¹ ye starsª of light.ª ... Let them praiseª°¹ the nameª of the LORD:ª for¹ he¹ commanded,ª° and they were created.ª°" {Psa 148:3-5} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª which givethª° the sunª for a lightª by day,ª [and] the ordinancesª of the moonª and of the starsª for a lightª by night,ª which dividethª° the seaª when the wavesª thereof roar;ª° The LORDª of hostsª [is] his name:ª" {Jer 31:35} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª If¹ my covenantª [be] not¹ with dayª and night,ª [and if] I have not¹ appointedª° the ordinancesª of heavenª and earth;ª" {Jer 33:25} + "Thatª ye may beª° the childrenª of yourª Fatherª whichª is inª heaven:ª forª he maketh²° his²¹ sunª to riseª° onª the evilª andª on the good,ª andª sendeth rainª° onª the justª andª on the unjust.ª" {Mtt 5:45}
or, imparted

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