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{Deuteronomy 4:12} And the LORD 3068 spake 1696 z8762 unto x413 you out of the midst 8432 x4480 of the fire: 784 ye x859 heard 8085 z8802 the voice 6963 of the words, 1697 but saw 7200 z8802 no x369 similitude; 8544 only 2108 [ye heard] a voice. 6963
"The LORDª talkedª° with¹ you face² to faceª in the mountª out of the midstª¹ of the fire,ª" {Deu 5:4} + "¹ These¹ wordsª the LORDª spakeª° unto¹ all¹ your assemblyª in the mountª out of the midstª¹ of the fire,ª of the cloud,ª and of the thick darkness,ª with a greatª voice:ª and he added no more.ª°¹ And he wroteª° them in¹ twoª tablesª of stone,ª and deliveredª° them unto¹ me." {Deu 5:22}
no similitude:
"Take ye therefore good² heedª°¹ unto yourselves;ª for¹ ye sawª° no¹ manner¹ of similitudeª on the dayª [that] the LORDª spakeª° unto¹ you in Horebª out of the midstª¹ of the fire:ª" {Deu 4:15} + "With him will I speakª° mouthª to¹ mouth,ª even apparently,ª and not¹ in dark speeches;ª and the similitudeª of the LORDª shall he behold:ª° wherefore¹ then were ye not afraidª°¹ to speakª° against my servantª Moses?ª" {Num 12:8} + "To¹ whom¹ then will ye likenª° God?ª or what¹ likenessª will ye compareª° unto him?" {Isa 40:18} + "Whoª isª° the imageª of the¹ invisibleª God,ª the firstbornª of everyª creature:ª" {Col 1:15}
only ye heard a voice:
Heb. save a voice, "Did [ever] peopleª hearª° the voiceª of Godª speaking¹ out²° of the midstª¹ of the fire,ª as¹ thou¹ hast heard,ª° and live?ª°" {Deu 4:33} + "Out of¹ heavenª he made thee to hearª°¹ his voice,ª that he might instructª° thee: and upon¹ earthª he shewedª° thee¹ his greatª fire;ª and thou heardestª° his wordsª out of the midstª¹ of the fire.ª" {Deu 4:36} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Thus¹ thou shalt sayª° unto¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª Ye¹ have seenª° that¹ I have talkedª° with¹ you from¹ heaven.ª" {Exd 20:22} + "And afterª the earthquakeª a fire;ª [but] the LORDª [was] not¹ in the fire:ª and afterª the fireª a stillª smallª voice.ª ... And it was¹ [so], when Elijahª heardª° [it], that he wrappedª° his faceª in his mantle,ª and went out,ª° and stoodª° in the entering inª of the cave.ª And, behold,¹ [there came] a voiceª unto¹ him, and said,ª° What¹ doest thou here,¹ Elijah?ª" {1Kg 19:12-13} + "And thine earsª shall hearª° a wordª behindª¹ thee, saying,ª° This¹ [is] the way,ª walk¹ ye in it,²° when¹ ye turn to the right hand,ª° and when¹ ye turn to the left.ª°" {Isa 30:21} + "The voiceª of him that criethª° in the wilderness,ª Prepareª° ye the wayª of the LORD,ª make straightª° in the desertª a highwayª for our God.ª" {Isa 40:3} + "The voiceª said,ª° Cry.ª° And he said,ª° What¹ shall I cry?ª° All¹ fleshª [is] grass,ª and all¹ the goodlinessª thereof [is] as the flowerª of the field:ª" {Isa 40:6} + "Forª thisª is¹ he²° that was spoken²° of¹ byª the¹ prophetª Esaias,ª saying,ª° The voiceª of one cryingª° inª the¹ wilderness,ª Prepare¹ ye²° the¹ wayª of the Lord,ª makeª° hisª pathsª straight.ª" {Mtt 3:3} + "Andª loª° a voiceª fromª heaven,ª saying,ª° Thisª isª° myª belovedª Son,ª inª whomª I am well pleased.ª°" {Mtt 3:17} + "While heª yetª spake,ª° behold,ª° a brightª cloudª overshadowedª° them:ª andª beholdª° a voiceª out¹ of² the¹ cloud,ª which said,ª° Thisª isª° myª belovedª Son,ª inª whomª I am well pleased;ª° hear¹ ye²° him.ª" {Mtt 17:5} + "Father,ª glorifyª° thyª name.² Thenª¹ came¹ there²° a voiceª fromª heaven,ª [saying], I have²° bothª glorifiedª° [it], andª will glorifyª° [it] again.ª ... Jesusª answeredª° andª said,ª° Thisª voiceª cameª° notª because¹ of² me,ª butª for²° your sakes.ªª" {Jhn 12:28-30} + "Forª he receivedª° fromª Godª the Fatherª honourª andª glory,ª when there cameª° suchª a voiceª to himª fromª the¹ excellentª glory,ª Thisª isª° myª belovedª Son,ª inª whomª Iª am well pleased.ª° ... Andª thisª voiceª which cameª° fromª heavenª weª heard,ª° when we wereª° withª himª inª the¹ holyª mount.ª" {2Pe 1:17-18}

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