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{Deuteronomy 4:3} Your eyes 5869 have seen 7200 z8802 x853 what x834 the LORD 3068 did 6213 z8804 because of Baalpeor: 1187 for x3588 all x3605 the men 376 that x834 followed 310 1980 z8804 Baalpeor, 1187 the LORD 3068 thy God 430 hath destroyed 8045 z8689 them from among 7130 x4480 you.
what the:
"And Israelª abodeª° in Shittim,ª and the peopleª beganª° to commit whoredomª° with¹ the daughtersª of Moab.ª ... And those that diedª° in the plagueª were¹ twentyª and fourª thousand.ª" {Num 25:1-9} + "Behold,¹ theseª causedª° the childrenª of Israel,ª through the counselª of Balaam,ª to commitª° trespassª against the LORDª in¹ the matterª of Peor,ª and there was¹ a plagueª among the congregationª of the LORD.ª" {Num 31:16} + "[Is]¹ the iniquityª of Peorª too littleª for us, from¹ which¹ we are not¹ cleansedª° until¹ this¹ day,ª although there was¹ a plagueª in the congregationª of the LORD,ª" {Jsh 22:17} + "They joined²° themselves¹ also unto Baalpeor,ª and ateª° the sacrificesª of the dead.ª° ... Thus they provoked [him] to angerª° with their inventions:ª and the plagueª brake inª° upon them." {Psa 106:28-29} + "I foundª° Israelª like grapesª in the wilderness;ª I sawª° your fathersª as the firstripeª in the fig treeª at her first time:ª [but] they¹ wentª° to Baalpeor,ª and separated²° themselves¹ unto [that] shame;ª and [their] abominationsª were¹ according as they loved.ª°" {Hsa 9:10}
for all the men:
It appears from this appeal, that the pestilence, as well as the sword of the magistrates, singled out the guilty persons and spared the rest ("[Nor] for the pestilenceª¹ [that] walkethª° in darkness;ª [nor] for the destructionª¹ [that] wastethª° at noonday.ª ... Only¹ with thine eyesª shalt thou beholdª° and seeª° the rewardª of the wicked.ª" {Psa 91:6-8}). The legislator, in order to deter the Jews from idolatry, alludes to this fact, but he notices no circumstance but one, which, though in the original narrative was not stated, was infinitely the most important to advert to on this occasion; but which no persons, but spectators of the fact, and perfectly acquainted with every individual concerned in it, could possibly feel the truth of. "But among these¹ there was¹ not¹ a manª of them whom Mosesª and Aaronª the priestª numbered,ª°¹ when¹ they numberedª°¹ the childrenª of Israelª in the wildernessª of Sinai.ª" {Num 26:64}

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