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{Numbers 35:11} Then ye shall appoint 7136 z8689 you cities 5892 to be x1961 cities 5892 of refuge 4733 for you; that the slayer 7523 z8802 may flee 5127 z8804 thither, x8033 which killeth 5221 z8688 any person 5315 at unawares. 7684
ye shall appoint:
As the goel, or kinsman, had a right to avenge the death of his relation, by slaying the murderer wherever he found him, the appointment of these cities was a humane institution for the protection of the involuntary homicide; for they were designed only for the protection of such "And among¹ the citiesª which¹ ye shall giveª° unto the Levitesª [there shall be]¹ sixª citiesª for refuge,ª which¹ ye shall appointª° for the manslayer,ª° that he may fleeª° thither:¹ and to¹ them ye shall addª° fortyª and twoª cities.ª" {Num 35:6} + "Speakª° to¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª saying,ª° Appoint¹ out²° for you¹ citiesª of refuge,ª whereof¹ I spakeª° unto¹ you by the handª of Moses:ª" {Jsh 20:2}
Heb. by error, "But if¹ he thrustª° him suddenlyª withoutª enmity,ª or¹ have castª° upon¹ him any thingª¹ without¹ laying of wait,ª ... Or¹ with any¹ stone,ª wherewith¹ a man may die,ª° seeingª° [him] not,ª and castª° [it] upon¹ him, that he die,ª° and [was] not¹ his enemy,ª° neither¹ soughtª° his harm:ª" {Num 35:22-23} + "And if¹ a man lie not in wait,ª°¹ but Godª deliverª° [him] into his hand;ª then I will appointª° thee a placeª whither¹¹ he shall flee.ª°" {Exd 21:13} + "That the slayerª° might fleeª° thither,¹ which¹ should killª°¹ his neighbourª unawares,ªª and hatedª° him not¹ in times² past;ª¹¹ and that fleeingª° unto¹ oneª of¹ theseª citiesª he might live:ª°" {Deu 4:42} + "And this¹ [is] the caseª of the slayer,ª° which¹ shall fleeª° thither,¹ that he may live:ª° Whoso¹ killethª°¹ his neighbourª ignorantly,²²¹¹ whom he¹ hatedª° not¹ in time²¹ past;²¹¹ ... As when a man¹ goethª° into the woodª with¹ his neighbourª to hewª° wood,ª and his handª fetcheth a strokeª° with the axeª to cut downª° the tree,ª and the headª slippethª° from¹ the helve,ª and lighteth²° upon¹¹ his neighbour,ª that he die;ª° he¹ shall fleeª° unto¹ oneª of those¹ cities,ª and live:ª°" {Deu 19:4-5}

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