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{Numbers 32:5} Wherefore, said 559 z8799 they, if x518 we have found 4672 z8804 grace 2580 in thy sight, 5869 let x853 this x2063 land 776 be given 5414 z8714 unto thy servants 5650 for a possession, 272 [and] bring us not over 5674 z8686 x408 x853 Jordan. 3383
if we have:
"Behold¹ now,¹ thy servantª hath foundª° graceª in thy sight,ª and thou hast magnifiedª° thy mercy,ª which¹ thou hast shewedª° unto¹ me² in savingª°¹ my life;ª and I¹ cannotª°¹ escapeª° to the mountain,ª lest¹ some evilª takeª° me, and I die:ª°" {Gen 19:19} + "Then she fellª° on¹ her face,ª and bowed²° herself¹ to the ground,ª and saidª° unto¹ him, Why¹ have I foundª° graceª in thine eyes,ª that thou shouldest take knowledgeª° of me, seeing I¹ [am] a stranger?ª" {Rth 2:10} + "And Davidª swareª° moreover,¹ and said,ª° Thy fatherª certainly²° knowethª° that¹ I have foundª° graceª in thine eyes;ª and he saith,ª° Let not¹ Jonathanª knowª° this,¹ lest¹ he be grieved:ª° but trulyª [as] the LORDª liveth,ª and [as] thy soulª liveth,ª [there¹ is] but a stepª between¹ me and death.ª" {1Sm 20:3} + "And Joabª fellª° to the groundª on¹ his face,ª and bowed²° himself,¹ and thankedª°¹ the king:ª and Joabª said,ª° To dayª thy servantª knowethª° that¹ I have foundª° graceª in thy sight,ª my lord,ª O king,ª in that¹ the kingª hath fulfilledª°¹ the requestª of his servant.ª" {2Sm 14:22} + "And it was¹ so, when the kingª sawª°¹ Estherª the queenª standingª° in the court,ª [that] she obtainedª° favourª in his sight:ª and the kingª held outª° to Estherª¹ the goldenª sceptreª that¹ [was] in his hand.ª So Estherª drew near,ª° and touchedª° the topª of the sceptre.ª" {Est 5:2} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª The peopleª [which were] leftª of the swordª foundª° graceª in the wilderness;ª [even] Israel,ª when I wentª° to cause him to rest.ª°" {Jer 31:2}
bring us:
"Also¹ the LORDª was angryª° with me for your sakes,ª saying,ª° Thou¹ also¹ shalt not¹ go²° in¹ thither.ª" {Deu 1:37} + "I pray thee,¹ let me go over,ª° and seeª°¹ the goodª landª that¹ [is] beyondª Jordan,ª that¹ goodlyª mountain,ª and Lebanon.ª ... But the LORDª was wrothª° with me for your sakes,¹ and would not¹ hearª°¹ me: and the LORDª saidª° unto¹ me, Let it sufficeª thee; speakª° no¹ moreª°¹ unto¹ me of this¹ matter.ª" {Deu 3:25-26} + "And Joshuaª said,ª° Alas,¹ O² Lordª GOD,ª wherefore¹ hast thou at all²° broughtª°¹ this¹ peopleª overª°¹ Jordan,ª to deliverª° us into the handª of the Amorites,ª to destroyª° us? would to Godª we had been content,ª° and dweltª° on the other sideª Jordan!ª" {Jsh 7:7}

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