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{Numbers 25:18} For x3588 they x1992 vex 6887 z8802 you with their wiles, 5231 wherewith x834 they have beguiled 5230 z8765 you in x5921 the matter 1697 of Peor, 6465 and in x5921 the matter 1697 of Cozbi, 3579 the daughter 1323 of a prince 5387 of Midian, 4080 their sister, 269 which was slain 5221 z8716 in the day 3117 of the plague 4046 for Peor's y6465 sake. 1697 x5921 x6465
vex you:
"And Mosesª saidª° unto¹ them, Have ye saved²° all the women² alive?ª°¹¹ ... Behold,¹ theseª causedª° the childrenª of Israel,ª through the counselª of Balaam,ª to commitª° trespassª against the LORDª in¹ the matterª of Peor,ª and there was¹ a plagueª among the congregationª of the LORD.ª" {Num 31:15-16} + "And Abimelechª said,ª° What¹ [is] this¹ thou hast doneª° unto us? oneª of the peopleª might lightlyª have lienª° with¹ thy wife,ª and thou shouldest have broughtª° guiltinessª upon¹ us." {Gen 26:10} + "And Mosesª saidª° unto¹ Aaron,ª What¹ didª° this¹ peopleª unto thee, that¹ thou hast broughtª° so greatª a sinª upon¹ them?" {Exd 32:21} + "And the LORDª plaguedª°¹ the people,ª becauseª¹ they madeª°¹ the calf,ª whichª Aaronª made.ª°" {Exd 32:35} + "Butª I haveª° a few thingsª againstª thee,ª becauseª thou hastª° thereª them that holdª° the¹ doctrineª of Balaam,ª whoª taughtª²° Balacª to castª° a stumblingblockª beforeª the¹ childrenª of Israel,ª to eatª° things sacrificed unto idols,ª andª to commit fornication.ª°" {Rev 2:14}
"And the LORDª Godª saidª° unto the woman,ª What¹ [is] this¹ [that] thou hast done?ª° And the womanª said,ª° The serpentª beguiled¹ me,²° and I did eat.ª°" {Gen 3:13} + "Butª I fear,ª° lest² by any means,²¹ asª the¹ serpentª beguiledª° Eveª throughª his²¹ subtilty,ª soª yourª mindsª should be corruptedª° fromª the¹ simplicityª that¹ is inª Christ.ª" {2Co 11:3} + "Havingª° eyesª fullª of adultery,ª andª that cannot cease¹ from² sin;ª beguilingª° unstableª souls:ª an heartª they haveª° exercisedª° with covetous practices;ª cursedª children:ª ... Which have forsakenª° the¹ rightª way,ª and are gone astray,ª° followingª° the¹ wayª of Balaamª [the son] of Bosor,ª whoª lovedª° the wagesª of unrighteousness;ª" {2Pe 2:14-15} + "Forª when they speakª° great swellingª [words] of vanity,ª they allureª° throughª the lustsª of the flesh,ª [through much] wantonness,ª those that were clean² escapedª°¹ from them who liveª° inª error.ª" {2Pe 2:18}
"And he wentª° afterª the manª of Israelª into¹ the tent,ª and thrustª°¹ bothª of them through,¹ the manª of Israel,ª and the womanª throughª her belly.ª So the plagueª was stayedª° from¹¹ the childrenª of Israel.ª" {Num 25:8}

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