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{Numbers 24:18} And Edom 123 shall be x1961 a possession, 3424 Seir 8165 also shall be x1961 a possession 3424 for his enemies; 341 z8802 and Israel 3478 shall do 6213 z8802 valiantly. 2428
"Let peopleª serveª° thee, and nationsª bow downª° to thee: beª° lordª over thy brethren,ª and let thy mother'sª sonsª bow downª° to thee: cursedª° [be] every one that cursethª° thee, and blessedª° [be] he that blessethª° thee." {Gen 27:29} + "And by¹ thy swordª shalt thou live,ª° and shalt serveª° thy brother;ª and it shall come to pass¹ when¹ thou shalt have the dominion,ª° that thou shalt breakª° his yokeª from off¹¹ thy neck.ª" {Gen 27:40} + "And he putª° garrisonsª in Edom;ª throughout all¹ Edomª putª° he garrisons,ª and all¹ they of Edomª became¹ David'sª servants.ª And the LORDª preservedª°¹ Davidª whithersoever¹¹ he went.ª°" {2Sm 8:14} + "[[To the chief Musicianª° upon¹ Shushaneduth,ª Michtamª of David,ª to teach;ª° when he strove²° with¹¹ Aramnaharaimª² and with Aramzobah,ª when Joabª returned,ª° and smoteª° of¹ Edomª in the valleyª of saltª twelveªª thousand.]]ª O God,ª thou hast cast us off,ª° thou hast scatteredª° us, thou hast been displeased;ª° O turn¹ thyself to us again.²°" {Psa 60:1} *title "Moabª [is] my washpot;ªª over¹ Edomª will I cast outª° my shoe:ª Philistia,ª triumphª° thou because¹ of me. ... Through Godª we shall doª° valiantly:ª for he¹ [it is that] shall tread downª° our enemies.ª" {Psa 60:8-12} + "For¹ my swordª shall be bathedª° in heaven:ª behold,¹ it shall come downª° upon¹ Idumea,ª and upon¹ the peopleª of my curse,ª to judgment.ª" {Isa 34:5} + "Who¹ [is] this¹ that comethª° from Edom,ª¹ with dyedª° garmentsª from Bozrah?ª¹ this¹ [that is] gloriousª° in his apparel,ª travellingª° in the greatnessª of his strength?ª I¹ that speakª° in righteousness,ª mightyª to save.ª°" {Isa 63:1} + "That¹ they may possessª°¹ the remnantª of Edom,ª and of all¹ the heathen,ª which¹ are called²° by¹¹ my name,ª saithª° the LORDª that doethª° this.¹" {Ams 9:12}

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