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{Numbers 20:8} Take 3947 z8798 x853 the rod, 4294 and gather y6950 z8685 thou the assembly y5712 together, x6950 x853 x5712 thou, x859 and Aaron 175 thy brother, 251 and speak 1696 z8765 ye unto x413 the rock 5553 before their eyes; 5869 and it shall give forth 5414 z8804 his water, 4325 and thou shalt bring forth 3318 z8689 to them water 4325 out of x4480 the rock: 5553 so thou shalt give y8248 z0 x853 the congregation 5712 and their beasts 1165 drink. 8248 z8689
the rod:
"And at the streamª of the brooksª that¹ goeth downª° to the dwelling²°¹ of Ar,ª and liethª° upon the borderª of Moab.ª" {Num 21:15} + "The princesª diggedª° the well,ª the noblesª of the peopleª diggedª° it, by [the direction of] the lawgiver,ª° with their staves.ª And from the wildernessª¹ [they went] to Mattanah:ª" {Num 21:18} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ him, What [is] that¹¹ in thine hand?ª And he said,ª° A rod.ª" {Exd 4:2} + "And thou shalt takeª° this¹ rodª in thine hand,ª wherewith¹ thou shalt doª°¹ signs.ª" {Exd 4:17} + "And Mosesª and Aaronª didª° so,¹ as¹ the LORDª commanded;ª° and he lifted upª° the rod,ª and smoteª°¹ the watersª that¹ [were] in the river,ª in the sightª of Pharaoh,ª and in the sightª of his servants;ª and all¹ the watersª that¹ [were] in the riverª were turnedª° to blood.ª" {Exd 7:20} + "But lift thou upª°¹¹ thy rod,ª and stretch outª°¹ thine handª over¹ the sea,ª and divideª° it: and the childrenª of Israelª shall goª° on dryª [ground] through the midstª of the sea.ª" {Exd 14:16} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Go onª° beforeª the people,ª and takeª° with¹ thee of the eldersª¹ of Israel;ª and thy rod,ª wherewith¹ thou smotestª°¹ the river,ª takeª° in thine hand,ª and go.ª°" {Exd 17:5} + "And Mosesª saidª° unto¹ Joshua,ª Choose us outª° men,²¹ and go out,ª° fightª° with Amalek:ª to morrowª I¹ will standª° on¹ the topª of the hillª with the rodª of Godª in mine hand.ª" {Exd 17:9}
"Is²° any thingª too hardª° for the LORD?ª¹ At the time appointedª I will returnª° unto¹ thee, according to the timeª of life,ª and Sarahª shall have a son.ª" {Gen 18:14} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ that when they make a long²° [blast]¹ with the ram'sª horn,ª [and] when ye hearª°¹ the soundª of the trumpet,ª all¹ the peopleª shall shoutª° with a greatª shout;ª and the wallª of the cityª shall fall downª° flat,ª and the peopleª shall ascend upª° every manª straight before¹ him." {Jsh 6:5} + "So the peopleª shoutedª° when [the priests] blewª° with the trumpets:ª and it came to pass,¹ when the peopleª heardª°¹ the soundª of the trumpet,ª and the peopleª shoutedª° with a greatª shout,ª that the wallª fell down¹ flat,²°¹ so that the peopleª went upª° into the city,ª every manª straight before¹ him, and they tookª°¹ the city.ª" {Jsh 6:20} + "For¹ he¹ spake,ª° and it was¹ [done]; he¹ commanded,ª° and it stood fast.ª°" {Psa 33:9} + "¹ Jesusª answeredª° and² saidª° unto them,ª Verilyª I sayª° unto you,ª Ifª ye haveª° faith,ª andª doubtª° not,ª ye shall²° notª onlyª° doª° this²¹ [which is done] to the¹ fig tree,ª butª also ifª ye shall sayª° unto thisª mountain,ª Be thou removed,ª° andª be thou castª° intoª the¹ sea;ª it shall be done.ª°" {Mtt 21:21} + "Andª Jesusª answeringª° saithª° unto them,ª Haveª° faithª in God.ª ... Thereforeªª I sayª° unto you,ª What² things² soeverª¹¹ ye desire,ª° when ye pray,ª° believeª° thatª ye receiveª° [them], andª yeª shall haveª° [them]." {Mrk 11:22-24} + "Ifª yeª then,ª beingª° evil,ª knowª° how to giveª° goodª giftsª unto yourª children:ª how muchª moreª shall²° [your] heavenlyª¹ Fatherª² giveª° the Holyª Spiritª to them that askª° him?ª" {Lke 11:13} + "Jesusª answeredª° andª saidª° unto her,ª Ifª thou knewestª° the¹ giftª of God,ª andª whoª it isª° that saithª° to thee,ª Giveª° meª to drink;ª° thouª wouldest² have askedª°¹ of him,ª andª he would² have givenª°¹ theeª livingª° water.ª ... Butª whosoeverªª drinkethª° ofª the¹ waterª thatª Iª shall giveª° himª shall²° neverªªª thirst;ª° butª the¹ waterª thatª I shall giveª° himª shall beª° inª himª a wellª of waterª springing upª° intoª everlastingª life.ª" {Jhn 4:10-14} + "Hithertoªª have ye¹ askedª° nothingª² inª myª name:ª ask,ª° andª ye shall receive,ª° thatª yourª joyª may beª° full.ª°" {Jhn 16:24} + "Theseª allª continuedªª°° with one accordª in prayerª andª supplication,ª withª the women,ª andª Maryª the¹ motherª of Jesus,ª andª withª hisª brethren.ª" {Act 1:14} + "Andª when² the¹ dayª of Pentecostª was fully come,ª° they wereª° allª with one accordª inª one place.ª ... Andª they were²° allª filledª° with the Holyª Ghost,ª andª beganª° to speak¹ with²° otherª tongues,ª asª the¹ Spiritª gaveª° themª utterance.ª°" {Act 2:1-4} + "Andª he shewedª° meª a pureª riverª of waterª of life,ª clearª asª crystal,ª proceedingª° out ofª the¹ throneª of Godª andª of the¹ Lamb.ª" {Rev 22:1} + "Andª the¹ Spiritª andª the¹ brideª say,ª° Come.ª° Andª let him that hearethª° say,ª° Come.ª° Andª let him that is athirstª° come.ª° Andª whosoever¹ will,ª° let him takeª° the¹ waterª of lifeª freely.ª" {Rev 22:17}
bring forth:
"And Mosesª lifted upª°¹ his hand,ª and with his rodª he smoteª°¹ the rockª twice:ª and the waterª came outª° abundantly,ª and the congregationª drank,ª° and their beastsª [also]." {Num 20:11} + "And gavestª° them breadª from heavenª¹ for their hunger,ª and broughtest forthª° waterª for them out of the rockª¹ for their thirst,ª and promisedstª° them that they should go inª° to possessª°¹ the landª which¹ thou hadst swornªª°¹ to giveª° them." {Neh 9:15} + "He claveª° the rocksª in the wilderness,ª and gave [them] drinkª° as [out of] the greatª depths.ª ... He brought²° streams²° also out¹¹ of the rock,ª¹ and caused watersª to run downª° like rivers.ª" {Psa 78:15-16} + "He openedª° the rock,ª and the watersª gushed out;ª° they ranª° in the dry placesª [like] a river.ª" {Psa 105:41} + "Which turnedª° the rockª [into] a standingª water,ª the flintª into a fountainª of waters.ª" {Psa 114:8} + "[When] the poorª and needyª seekª° water,ª and [there is] none,¹ [and] their tongueª failethª° for thirst,ª I¹ the LORDª will hearª° them, I the Godª of Israelª will not¹ forsakeª° them. ... I will openª° riversª in¹ high places,ª and fountainsª in the midstª of the valleys:ª I will makeª° the wildernessª a poolª of water,ª and the dryª landª springsª of water.ª" {Isa 41:17-18} + "The beastª of the fieldª shall honourª° me, the dragons²¹ and the owls:ªª because¹ I giveª° watersª in the wilderness,ª [and] riversª in the desert,ª to give drinkª° to my people,ª my chosen.ª" {Isa 43:20} + "And they thirstedª° not¹ [when] he led²°¹ them through the deserts:ª he caused the watersª to flowª° out of the rockª¹ for them: he claveª° the rockª also, and the watersª gushed out.ª°" {Isa 48:21}

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