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{Numbers 16:45} Get you up 7426 z8734 from among 8432 x4480 this x2063 congregation, 5712 that I may consume 3615 z8762 them as in a moment. 7281 And they fell 5307 z8799 upon x5921 their faces. 6440
Get you up:
"Separate²° yourselves¹ from amongª¹ this¹ congregation,ª that I may consumeª° them in a moment.ª" {Num 16:21} + "Speakª° unto¹ the congregation,ª saying,ª° Get you upª° from aboutª¹ the tabernacleª of Korah,ª Dathan,ª and Abiram.ª" {Num 16:24} + "And he spakeª° unto¹ the congregation,ª saying,ª° Depart,ª° I pray you,¹ from¹¹ the tentsª of these¹ wickedª men,²¹ and touchª° nothing¹¹ of theirs, lest¹ ye be consumedª° in all¹ their sins.ª" {Num 16:26}
And they:
"And they fellª° upon¹ their faces,ª and said,ª° O God,ª the Godª of the spiritsª of all¹ flesh,ª shall oneª manª sin,ª° and wilt thou be wrothª° with¹ all¹ the congregation?ª" {Num 16:22} + "And Mosesª and Aaronª wentª° from the presenceª¹ of the assemblyª unto¹ the doorª of the tabernacleª of the congregation,ª and they fellª° upon¹ their faces:ª and the gloryª of the LORDª appearedª° unto¹ them." {Num 20:6} + "And Davidª lifted upª°¹ his eyes,ª and sawª°¹ the angelª of the LORDª standª° between¹ the earthª and the heaven,ª having a drawnª° swordª in his handª stretched outª° over¹ Jerusalem.ª Then Davidª and the eldersª [of Israel, who were] clothedª° in sackcloth,ª fellª° upon¹ their faces.ª" {1Ch 21:16} + "Andª he wentª° a little² further,²°¹ and fellª° onª his²¹ face,ª and² prayed,ª°¹ saying,ª° O myª Father,ª ifª it beª° possible,ª let²° thisª cupª passª° fromª me:ª neverthelessª notª asª Iª will,ª° butª asª thouª [wilt]." {Mtt 26:39}

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