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{Numbers 9:15} And on the day 3117 that x853 the tabernacle 4908 was reared up 6965 z8687 the cloud 6051 covered 3680 z8765 x853 the tabernacle, 4908 [namely], the tent 168 of the testimony: 5715 and at even 6153 there was x1961 upon x5921 the tabernacle 4908 as it were the appearance 4758 of fire, 784 until x5704 the morning. 1242
on the day:
"On the first² dayª¹¹ of the first²¹ monthª shalt thou set upª°¹ the tabernacleª of the tentª of the congregation.ª" {Exd 40:2} + "And Mosesª reared upª°¹ the tabernacle,ª and fastenedª°¹ his sockets,ª and set upª°¹ the boardsª thereof, and put²° in¹¹ the barsª thereof, and reared upª°¹ his pillars.ª" {Exd 40:18}
the cloud:
"And they will tellª° [it] to¹ the inhabitantsª° of this¹ land:ª [for] they have heardª° that¹ thou¹ LORDª [art] amongª this¹ people,ª that¹ thou¹ LORDª art seenª° faceª to face,ª and [that] thy cloudª standethª° over¹ them, and [that] thou¹ goestª° beforeª them, by day timeª in a pillarª of a cloud,ª and in a pillarª of fireª by night.ª" {Num 14:14} + "And the angelª of God,ª which wentª° beforeª the campª of Israel,ª removedª° and went²°¹ behindª¹ them; and the pillarª of the cloudª wentª° from before their face,ª¹ and stoodª° behindª¹ them: ... And it cameª° between¹ the campª of the Egyptiansª and the campª of Israel;ª and it was¹ a cloudª and darknessª [to them], but it gave lightª°¹ by nightª [to these]: so that the one¹ came not nearª°¹ the otherª all¹ the night.ª" {Exd 14:19-20} + "And it came to pass,¹ that in the morningª watchª the LORDª lookedª° unto¹ the hostª of the Egyptiansª through the pillarª of fireª and of the cloud,ª and troubledª°¹ the hostª of the Egyptians,ª" {Exd 14:24} + "And it came to pass,¹ as Mosesª entered²° into¹ the tabernacle,ª the cloudyª pillarª descended,ª° and stoodª° [at] the doorª of the tabernacle,ª and [the LORD] talkedª° with¹ Moses.ª ... And all¹ the peopleª sawª°¹ the cloudyª pillarª standª° [at] the tabernacleª door:ª and all¹ the peopleª rose upª° and worshipped,ª° every manª [in] his tentª door.ª" {Exd 33:9-10} + "Then a cloudª coveredª°¹ the tentª of the congregation,ª and the gloryª of the LORDª filledª°¹ the tabernacle.ª" {Exd 40:34} + "Moreover thou leddestª° them in the dayª by a cloudyª pillar;ª and in the nightª by a pillarª of fire,ª to give them lightª° in¹ the wayª wherein¹ they should go.²°¹" {Neh 9:12} + "Yet thou¹ in thy manifoldª merciesª forsookestª° them not¹ in the wilderness:ª¹ the pillarª of the cloudª departedª° not¹ from¹¹ them by day,ª to leadª° them in the way;ª neither the pillarª of fireª by night,ª to shew them light,ª° and the wayª wherein¹ they should go.²°¹" {Neh 9:19} + "In the daytimeª also he ledª° them with a cloud,ª and all¹ the nightª with a lightª of fire.ª" {Psa 78:14} + "He spreadª° a cloudª for a covering;ª and fireª to give lightª° in the night.ª" {Psa 105:39} + "And the LORDª will createª° upon¹ every¹ dwelling placeª of mountª Zion,ª and upon¹ her assemblies,ª a cloudª and smokeª by day,ª and the shiningª of a flamingª fireª by night:ª for¹ upon¹ all¹ the gloryª [shall be] a defence.ª" {Isa 4:5} + "Now the cherubimsª stoodª° on the right sideª¹ of the house,ª when the manª went in;ª° and the cloudª filledª° the innerª¹ court.ª ... Then the gloryª of the LORDª went upª° from¹¹ the cherub,ª [and stood] over¹ the thresholdª of the house;ª and the houseª was filledª° with¹ the cloud,ª and the courtª was fullª° of¹ the brightnessª of the LORD'Sª glory.ª" {Ezk 10:3-4} + "Moreover,ª brethren,ª I wouldª° notª that yeª should be ignorant,ª° how thatª allª ourª fathersª wereª° underª the¹ cloud,ª andª allª passedª° throughª the¹ sea;ª" {1Co 10:1}
at even:
"And the LORDª wentª° beforeª them by dayª in a pillarª of a cloud,ª to leadª° them the way;ª and by nightª in a pillarª of fire,ª to give them light;ª° to go²°¹ by dayª and night:ª" {Exd 13:21} + "For¹ the cloudª of the LORDª [was] upon¹ the tabernacleª by day,ª and fireª was¹ on it by night,ª in the sightª of all¹ the houseª of Israel,ª throughout all¹ their journeys.ª" {Exd 40:38}

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