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{Numbers 9:14} And if x3588 a stranger 1616 shall sojourn 1481 z8799 among x854 you, and will keep 6213 z8804 the passover 6453 unto the LORD; 3068 according to the ordinance 2708 of the passover, 6453 and according to the manner 4941 thereof, so x3651 shall he do: 6213 z8799 ye shall have x1961 one 259 ordinance, 2708 both for the stranger, 1616 and for him that was born 249 in the land. 776
"And when¹ a strangerª shall sojournª° with¹ thee, and will keepª° the passoverª to the LORD,ª let all¹ his malesª be circumcised,ª° and then¹ let him come nearª° and keepª° it; and he shall be¹ as one that is born² in¹ the land:ª for no uncircumcised personª¹¹ shall eatª° thereof. ... Oneª lawª shall be¹ to him that is homeborn,ª and unto the strangerª that sojournethª° amongª you." {Exd 12:48-49} + "And thou shalt not¹ gleanª° thy vineyard,ª neither¹ shalt thou gatherª° [every] grapeª of thy vineyard;ª thou shalt leaveª° them for the poorª and stranger:ª I¹ [am] the LORDª your God.ª" {Lev 19:10} + "Neither¹ from a stranger's² handªª¹¹ shall ye offerª°¹ the breadª of your Godª of any¹¹ of these;¹ because¹ their corruptionª [is] in them, [and] blemishesª [be] in them: they shall not¹ be acceptedª° for you." {Lev 22:25} + "Ye shall have¹ oneª manner of law,ª as well¹ for the stranger,ª as for one of your own country:ª for¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª your God.ª" {Lev 24:22} + "According to the numberª of yearsª afterª the jubileª thou shalt buyª° of¹¹ thy neighbour,ª [and] according unto the numberª of yearsª of the fruitsª he shall sellª° unto thee:" {Lev 25:15} + "Your little ones,ª your wives,ª and thy strangerª that¹ [is] inª thy camp,ª from the hewerª°¹ of thy woodª unto¹ the drawerª° of thy water:ª" {Deu 29:11} + "Gather²° the people² together,ª°¹¹ men,²¹ and women,ª and children,ª and thy strangerª that¹ [is] within thy gates,ª that¹ they may hear,ª° and that¹ they may learn,ª° and fearª°¹ the LORDª your God,ª and observeª° to doª°¹ all¹ the wordsª of this¹ law:ª" {Deu 31:12} + "Neither¹ let the sonª of the stranger,ª that hath joined²° himself¹ to¹ the LORD,ª speak,ª° saying,ª° The LORDª hath utterly²° separatedª° me from¹¹ his people:ª neither¹ let the eunuchª say,ª° Behold,¹ I¹ [am] a dryª tree.ª ... Even them will I bringª° to¹ my holyª mountain,ª and make them joyfulª° in my houseª of prayer:ª their burnt offeringsª and their sacrificesª [shall be] acceptedª upon¹ mine altar;ª for¹ mine houseª shall be calledª° an houseª of prayerª for all¹ people.ª" {Isa 56:3-7} + "Now²¹ therefore²¹ ye areª° no moreª strangersª andª foreigners,ª butª fellowcitizensª with the¹ saints,ª andª of the householdª of God;ª ... Inª whomª yeª alsoª are builded togetherª° forª an habitationª of Godª throughª the Spirit.ª" {Eph 2:19-22}

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