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{Numbers 5:15} Then shall the man 376 bring 935 z8689 x853 his wife 802 unto x413 the priest, 3548 and he shall bring 935 z8689 x853 her offering 7133 for x5921 her, the tenth 6224 [part] of an ephah 374 of barley 8184 meal; 7058 he shall pour 3332 z8799 no x3808 oil 8081 upon x5921 it, nor x3808 put 5414 z8799 frankincense 3828 thereon; x5921 for x3588 it x1931 [is] an offering 4503 of jealousy, 7068 an offering 4503 of memorial, 2146 bringing y2142 z0 iniquity y5771 to remembrance. 2142 z8688 x5771
her offering for her:
This coarse offering, without oil or frankincense, implied the baseness of the crime of which the woman was suspected, and the mournful state of her family. It was not an atoning sacrifice, but an oblation for a memorial, as solemnly referring the decision to God, and calling upon him either to acquit or punish. "But if¹ he² be not¹ able to bringª°¹ twoª turtledoves,ª or¹ twoª youngª pigeons,ª then he that¹ sinnedª° shall bringª°¹ for his offeringª the tenth² part¹ of an ephahª of fine flourª for a sin offering;ª he shall putª° no¹ oilª upon¹ it, neither¹ shall he putª° [any] frankincenseª thereon:¹ for¹ it¹ [is] a sin offering.ª" {Lev 5:11} + "So I boughtª° her to me for fifteenªª [pieces] of silver,ª and [for] an homerª of barley,ª and an half homerª of barley:ª" {Hsa 3:2}
"And she saidª° unto¹ Elijah,ª What¹ have I to do with thee, O thou manª of God?ª art thou comeª° unto¹ me to call²°¹ my sinª to remembrance,ª° and to slayª°¹ my son?ª" {1Kg 17:18} + "And it shall be¹ no¹ more¹ the confidenceª of the houseª of Israel,ª which bringeth²° [their] iniquity² to remembrance,ª°¹ when they shall lookª° afterª them: but they shall knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 29:16} + "Butª inª thoseª [sacrifices there is] a remembrance againª [made] of sinsª every² year.ª¹" {Hbr 10:3}

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