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{Numbers 5:6} Speak 1696 z8761 unto x413 the children 1121 of Israel, 3478 When x3588 a man 376 or x176 woman 802 shall commit 6213 z8799 any x4480 x3605 sin 2403 that men 120 commit, y4603 z8800 to do x4603 a trespass 4604 against the LORD, 3068 and that x1931 person 5315 be guilty; 816 z8804
"And if¹ a soulª sin,ª° and hearª° the voiceª of swearing,ª and [is] a witness,ª whetherª he hath seenª° or¹ knownª° [of it]; if¹ he do not¹ utterª° [it], then he shall bearª° his iniquity.ª ... Or¹ if¹ a soulª swear,ª° pronouncingª° with [his] lipsª to do evil,ª° or¹ to do good,ª° whatsoever¹¹ [it be] that a manª shall pronounceª° with an oath,ª and it be hidª° from¹ him; when he¹ knowethª° [of it], then he shall be guiltyª° in oneª of these.¹¹" {Lev 5:1-4} + "And if¹ a soulª sin,ª° and commitª° anyª of these things¹¹ which¹ are forbidden¹ to be doneª° by the commandmentsª of the LORD;ª though he wistª° [it] not,¹ yet is he guilty,ª° and shall bearª° his iniquity.ª" {Lev 5:17} + "If¹ a soulª sin,ª° and commitª° a trespassª against the LORD,ª and lieª° unto his neighbourª in that which was delivered² him to keep,¹ or¹ in fellowship,ªª or¹ in a thing taken away by violence,ª or¹ hath deceivedª°¹ his neighbour;ª ... Or¹ have foundª° that which was lost,ª and liethª° concerning it, and swearethª° falsely;ª¹ in¹ anyª of all¹¹ these that¹ a manª doeth,ª° sinningª° therein:ª" {Lev 6:2-3}
and that person:
This expression does not merely refer to the actual criminality of the person, but to his consciousness of guilt respecting it. For this case must be distinguished from that of a person detected in dishonesty, which he attempted to conceal.

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