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{Leviticus 26:44} And yet 637 for all that, 2063 x1571 when they be y1571 x1961 in the land 776 of their enemies, 341 z8802 I will not x3808 cast them away, 3988 z8804 neither x3808 will I abhor 1602 z8804 them, to destroy them utterly, 3615 z8763 and to break 6565 z8687 my covenant 1285 with x854 them: for x3588 I x589 [am] the LORD 3068 their God. 430
I will:
"But if from thence¹¹ thou shalt seekª°¹ the LORDª thy God,ª thou shalt findª° [him], if¹ thou seekª° him with all¹ thy heartª and with all¹ thy soul.ª ... (For¹ the LORDª thy Godª [is] a mercifulª God;)ª he will not¹ forsakeª° thee, neither¹ destroyª° thee, nor¹ forgetª°¹ the covenantª of thy fathersª which¹ he swareª° unto them." {Deu 4:29-31} + "And the LORDª was graciousª° unto them, and had compassion²° on¹ them, and had respectª° unto¹ them, because¹ of² his covenantª with¹ Abraham,ª Isaac,ª and Jacob,ª and wouldª° not¹ destroyª° them, neither¹ castª° he them from¹¹ his presenceª as¹ yet.²¹" {2Kg 13:23} + "Nevertheless for thy greatª mercies'ª sake thou didst²° not¹ utterly consumeª¹ them, nor¹ forsakeª° them; for¹ thou¹ [art] a graciousª and mercifulª God.ª" {Neh 9:31} + "For¹ the LORDª will not¹ cast offª° his people,ª neither¹ will he forsakeª° his inheritance.ª" {Psa 94:14} + "Yet, behold,¹ therein shall be leftª° a remnantª that shall be brought forth,ª° [both] sonsª and daughters:ª behold,¹ they shall come forthª° unto¹ you, and ye shall seeª°¹ their wayª and their doings:ª and ye shall be comfortedª° concerning¹ the evilª that¹ I have broughtª° upon¹ Jerusalem,ª [even] concerning¹ all¹ that¹ I have broughtª° upon¹ it. ... And they shall comfortª° you, when¹ ye seeª°¹ their waysª and their doings:ª and ye shall knowª° that¹ I have not¹ doneª° without causeª¹ all¹ that¹ I have doneª° in it, saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 14:22-23} + "Godª hath²° notª cast awayª° his²¹ peopleª whichª he foreknew.ªª° Wot¹ ye²° notª whatª the¹ scriptureª saithª° ofª Elias?ª howª he maketh intercessionª° to Godª againstª Israel,ª saying,ª°" {Rom 11:2} + "Andª soª allª Israelª shall be saved:ª° asª it is written,ª° There shall comeª° out ofª Sionª the¹ Deliverer,ª° andª shall turn awayª° ungodlinessª fromª Jacob:ª" {Rom 11:26}
"And I will setª° my tabernacleª amongª you: and my soulª shall not¹ abhorª° you." {Lev 26:11}
"Nevertheless my lovingkindnessª will I not¹ utterly takeª° from¹¹ him, nor¹ suffer my faithfulness² to fail.ª°¹" {Psa 89:33} + "Do not¹ abhorª° [us], for thy name's² sake,¹¹ do not¹ disgraceª° the throneª of thy glory:ª remember,ª° breakª° not¹ thy covenantª with¹ us." {Jer 14:21} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª If¹ ye can breakª°¹ my covenantª of the day,ª and my covenantª of the night,ª and that there should not¹ be¹ dayª and nightª in their season;ª ... [Then] may also¹ my covenantª be brokenª° with¹ Davidª my servant,ª that he should not have¹¹ a sonª to reignª° upon¹ his throne;ª and with¹ the Levitesª the priests,ª my ministers.ª°" {Jer 33:20-21} + "Nevertheless I¹ will rememberª°¹ my covenantª with¹ thee in the daysª of thy youth,ª and I will establishª° unto thee an everlastingª covenant.ª" {Ezk 16:60}

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