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{Leviticus 26:33} And I will scatter 2219 z8762 you among the heathen, 1471 and will draw out 7324 z8689 a sword 2719 after 310 you: and your land 776 shall be x1961 desolate, 8077 and your cities 5892 waste. 2723
"And the LORDª shall scatterª° you among the nations,ª and ye shall be leftª° fewª in numberª among the heathen,ª whither¹¹ the LORDª shall leadª° you." {Deu 4:27} + "And the LORDª shall scatterª° thee among all¹ people,ª from the one endª¹ of the earthª even unto¹ the other;ª¹ and there¹ thou shalt serveª° otherª gods,ª which¹ neither¹ thou¹ nor thy fathersª have known,ª° [even] woodª and stone.ª ... And thy lifeª shall hang²°¹ in doubt¹ beforeª¹ thee; and thou shalt fearª° dayª and night,ª and shalt have none assuranceª°¹ of thy life:ª" {Deu 28:64-66} + "Thou hast givenª° us like sheepª [appointed] for meat;ª and hast scatteredª° us among the heathen.ª" {Psa 44:11} + "I will scatterª° them also among the heathen,ª whom¹ neither¹ they¹ nor their fathersª have known:ª° and I will sendª°¹ a swordª afterª them, till¹ I have consumedª° them." {Jer 9:16} + "Judahª is gone into captivityª° because of affliction,ª¹ and because of greatª¹ servitude:ª she¹ dwellethª° among the heathen,ª she findethª° no¹ rest:ª all¹ her persecutorsª° overtookª° her between¹ the straits.ª" {Lam 1:3} + "They criedª° unto them, Departª° ye; [it is] unclean;ª depart,ª° depart,ª° touchª° not:¹ when¹ they fled awayª° and¹ wandered,ª° they saidª° among the heathen,ª They shall no¹ moreª° sojournª° [there]." {Lam 4:15} + "And I will scatterª° toward every¹ windª all¹ that¹ [are] aboutª him to helpª him, and all¹ his bands;ª and I will draw outª° the swordª afterª them. ... But I will leaveª° a fewª men²¹ of¹ them from the sword,ª¹ from the famine,ª¹ and from the pestilence;ª¹ that¹ they may declareª°¹ all¹ their abominationsª among the heathenª whither¹¹ they come;ª° and they shall knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Ezk 12:14-16} + "I¹ lifted upª°¹ mine handª unto them also¹ in the wilderness,ª that I would scatterª° them among the heathen,ª and disperseª° them through the countries;ª" {Ezk 20:23} + "And I will scatterª° thee among the heathen,ª and disperseª° thee in the countries,ª and will consumeª° thy filthinessª out of¹ thee." {Ezk 22:15} + "But I scattered them with a whirlwindª° among¹ all¹ the nationsª whom¹ they knewª° not.¹ Thus the landª was desolateª° afterª them, that no man passed throughª°¹ nor returned:ª°¹ for they laidª° the pleasantª landª desolate.ª" {Zch 7:14} + "Andª they shall fallª° by the edgeª of the sword,ª andª shall be led away captiveª° intoª allª nations:ª andª Jerusalemª shall beª° trodden downª° ofª the Gentiles,ª untilª the timesª of the Gentilesª be fulfilled.ª°" {Lke 21:24} + "James,ª a servantª of Godª andª of the Lordª Jesusª Christ,ª to the¹ twelveª tribesª which²¹ are scattered abroad,ª¹ greeting.ª°" {Jms 1:1}

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