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{Leviticus 26:31} And I will make 5414 z8804 x853 your cities 5892 waste, 2723 and bring y8074 z0 your sanctuaries y4720 unto desolation, 8074 z8689 x853 x4720 and I will not x3808 smell 7306 z8686 the savour 7381 of your sweet odours. 5207
And I will make:
"And the cityª was broken up,ª° and all¹ the men²¹ of warª [fled] by nightª by the wayª of the gateª between¹ two walls,ª which¹ [is] by¹ the king'sª garden:ª (now the Chaldeesª [were] against¹ the cityª round about:)ª and [the king] went²°¹ the wayª toward the plain.ª ... And all¹ the armyª of the Chaldees,ª that¹ [were with] the captainª of the guard,ª brake downª° the wallsª of Jerusalemª round about.ª" {2Kg 25:4-10} + "And they burntª°¹ the houseª of God,ª and brake downª°¹ the wallª of Jerusalem,ª and burntª° all¹ the palacesª thereof with fire,ª and destroyedª° all¹ the goodlyª vesselsª thereof." {2Ch 36:19} + "And saidª° unto the king,ª Let the kingª liveª° for ever:ª why¹ should not¹ my countenanceª be sad,²°¹ when¹ the city,ª the placeª of my fathers'ª sepulchres,ª [lieth] waste,ª and the gatesª thereof are consumedª° with fire?ª" {Neh 2:3} + "Then saidª° I unto¹ them, Ye¹ seeª° the distressª that¹ we¹ [are] in, how¹ Jerusalemª [lieth] waste,ª and the gatesª thereof are burnedª° with fire:ª come,²°¹ and let us build upª°¹ the wallª of Jerusalem,ª that we be¹ no¹ more¹ a reproach.ª" {Neh 2:17} + "Your countryª [is] desolate,ª your citiesª [are] burnedª° with fire:ª your land,ª strangersª° devourª° it in your presence,¹ and [it is] desolate,ª as overthrownª by strangers.ª°" {Isa 1:7} + "The cityª of confusionª is broken down:ª° every¹ houseª is shut up,ª° that no man may come in.ª°¹ ... In the cityª is leftª° desolation,ª and the gateª is smittenª° with destruction.ª" {Isa 24:10-12} + "The lionª is come upª° from his thicket,ª¹ and the destroyerª° of the Gentilesª is on his way;ª° he is gone forthª° from his placeª¹ to makeª° thy landª desolate;ª [and] thy citiesª shall be laid waste,ª° without¹¹ an inhabitant.ª°" {Jer 4:7} + "And I will makeª°¹ Jerusalemª heaps,ª [and] a denª of dragons;ª and I will makeª° the citiesª of Judahª desolate,ª without¹¹ an inhabitant.ª°" {Jer 9:11} + "How¹ doth the cityª sitª° solitary,ª [that was] fullª of people!ª [how] is she become¹ as a widow!ª she [that was] greatª among the nations,ª [and] princessª among the provinces,ª [how] is she become¹ tributary!ª" {Lam 1:1} + "The Lordª hath cast offª° his altar,ª he hath abhorredª° his sanctuary,ª he hath given upª° into the handª of the enemyª° the wallsª of her palaces;ª they have madeª° a noiseª in the houseª of the LORD,ª as in the dayª of a solemn feast.ª" {Lam 2:7} + "In all¹ your dwellingplacesª the citiesª shall be laid waste,ª° and the high placesª shall be desolate;ª° that¹ your altarsª may be laid wasteª° and made desolate,ª° and your idolsª may be brokenª° and cease,ª° and your imagesª may be cut down,ª° and your worksª may be abolished.ª°" {Ezk 6:6} + "I have setª° the pointª of the swordª against¹ all¹ their gates,ª that¹ [their] heartª may faint,ª° and [their] ruinsª be multiplied:ª° ah!ª [it is] made²° bright,ª¹ [it is] wrapped upª for the slaughter.ª" {Ezk 21:15} + "Therefore¹ shall Zionª for your sakeª be plowedª° [as] a field,ª and Jerusalemª shall become¹ heaps,ª and the mountainª of the houseª as the high placesª of the forest.ª" {Mic 3:12}
and bring:
"Lift upª° thy feetª unto the perpetualª desolations;ª [even] all¹ [that] the enemyª° hath done wickedlyª° in the sanctuary.ª ... They saidª° in their hearts,ª Let us destroyª° them together:ª they have burned upª° all¹ the synagoguesª of Godª in the land.ª" {Psa 74:3-8} + "But if¹ ye will not¹ hearª°¹ these¹ words,ª I swearª° by myself, saithª° the LORD,ª that¹ this¹ houseª shall become¹ a desolation.ª" {Jer 22:5} + "Then will I makeª°¹ this¹ houseª like Shiloh,ª and will makeª° this¹ cityª a curseª to all¹ the nationsª of the earth.ª" {Jer 26:6} + "Why¹ hast thou prophesiedª° in the nameª of the LORD,ª saying,ª° This¹ houseª shall be¹ like Shiloh,ª and this¹ cityª shall be desolateª° without¹¹ an inhabitant?ª° And all¹ the peopleª were gatheredª° against¹ Jeremiahª in the houseª of the LORD.ª" {Jer 26:9} + "And burnedª°¹ the houseª of the LORD,ª and the king'sª house;ª and all¹ the housesª of Jerusalem,ª and all¹ the housesª of the greatª [men], burnedª° he with fire:ª" {Jer 52:13} + "The adversaryª hath spread outª° his handª upon¹ all¹ her pleasant things:ª for¹ she hath seenª° [that] the heathenª enteredª° into her sanctuary,ª whom¹ thou didst commandª° [that] they should not¹ enterª° into thy congregation.ª" {Lam 1:10} + "Slayª° utterlyª oldª [and] young,ª both maids,ª and little children,ª and women:ª but come not nearª°¹¹ any¹ manª upon¹ whom¹ [is] the mark;ª and beginª° at my sanctuary.ª¹ Then they beganª° at the ancientª men²¹ which¹ [were] beforeª the house.ª" {Ezk 9:6} + "And it shall be,¹ when¹ they sayª° unto¹ thee, Wherefore¹¹ sighestª° thou?¹ that thou shalt answer,ª° For¹ the tidings;ª because¹ it cometh:ª° and every¹ heartª shall melt,ª° and all¹ handsª shall be feeble,ª° and every¹ spiritª shall faint,ª° and all¹ kneesª shall be weak²°¹ [as] water:ª behold,¹ it cometh,ª° and shall be brought to pass,ª° saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 21:7} + "Speakª° unto the houseª of Israel,ª Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ I will profaneª°¹ my sanctuary,ª the excellencyª of your strength,ª the desireª of your eyes,ª and that which your soulª pitieth;ª and your sonsª and your daughtersª whom¹ ye have leftª° shall fallª° by the sword.ª" {Ezk 24:21} + "Andª Jesusª went out,ª° and departedª° fromª the¹ temple:ª andª hisª disciplesª cameª° to [him] for to shewª° himª the¹ buildingsª of the¹ temple.ª ... Andª Jesusª saidª° unto them,ª See¹ ye²°° notª allª these things?ª verilyª I sayª° unto you,ª There shall²° notª be leftª° hereª one stone² upon² another,ª¹ thatª shall²° notª be thrown down.ª°" {Mtt 24:1-2} + "Andª as someª spakeª° ofª the¹ temple,ª howª it was adornedª° with goodlyª stonesª andª gifts,ª he said,ª° ... [As for] these thingsª whichª ye behold,ª° the daysª will come,ª° inª the whichª there shall²° notª be leftª° one stone² upon² another,ª¹ thatª shall²° notª be thrown down.ª°" {Lke 21:5-6} + "Andª they shall fallª° by the edgeª of the sword,ª andª shall be led away captiveª° intoª allª nations:ª andª Jerusalemª shall beª° trodden downª° ofª the Gentiles,ª untilª the timesª of the Gentilesª be fulfilled.ª°" {Lke 21:24} + "Forª we have heardª° himª say,ª° thatª this²¹ Jesusª of Nazarethª shall destroyª° this²¹ place,ª andª shall changeª° the¹ customsª whichª Mosesª deliveredª° us.ª" {Act 6:14}
I will not smell:
"And the LORDª smelledª° a sweetª¹ savour;ª and the LORDª saidª° inª his heart,ª I will not¹ againª° curseª°¹ the groundª any more¹ for man's² sake;ª¹ for¹ the imaginationª of man'sª heartª [is] evilª from his youth;ª¹ neither¹ will I againª° smiteª° any more¹¹ every thing¹ living,ª as¹ I have done.ª°" {Gen 8:21} + "To whatª purpose [is] the multitudeª of your sacrificesª unto me? saithª° the LORD:ª I am fullª° of the burnt offeringsª of rams,ª and the fatª of fed beasts;ª and I delightª° not¹ in the bloodª of bullocks,ª or of lambs,ª or of he goats.ª ... Your new moonsª and your appointed feastsª my soulª hateth:ª° they are¹ a troubleª unto me;¹ I am wearyª° to bearª° [them]." {Isa 1:11-14} + "He that killethª° an oxª [is as if] he slewª° a man;ª he that sacrificethª° a lamb,ª [as if] he cut off²° a dog's² neck;ª°¹ he that offerethª° an oblation,ª [as if he offered] swine'sª blood;ª he that burnethª° incense,ª [as if] he blessedª° an idol.ª Yea,¹ they¹ have chosenª° their own ways,ª and their soulª delightethª° in their abominations.ª" {Isa 66:3} + "I hate,ª° I despiseª° your feast days,ª and I will not¹ smellª° in your solemn assemblies.ª ... Take thou awayª° from¹¹ me the noiseª of thy songs;ª for I will not¹ hearª° the melodyª of thy viols.ª" {Ams 5:21-23} + "Forª if weª sinª° wilfullyª after² that we have receivedª° the¹ knowledgeª of the¹ truth,ª there remainethª° no moreª sacrificeª forª sins,ª" {Hbr 10:26}

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