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{Leviticus 25:23} The land 776 shall not x3808 be sold 4376 z8735 for ever: 6783 for x3588 the land 776 [is] mine; for x3588 ye x859 [are] strangers 1616 and sojourners 8453 with x5973 me.
The land:
"And ye shall hallowª°¹ the fiftiethª² year,ª and proclaimª° libertyª throughout [all] the landª unto all¹ the inhabitantsª° thereof: it¹ shall be¹ a jubileª unto you; and ye shall returnª° every manª unto¹ his possession,ª and ye shall returnª° every manª unto¹ his family.ª" {Lev 25:10} + "And Nabothª saidª° to¹ Ahab,ª The LORDª¹ forbidª it me, that I should giveª°¹¹ the inheritanceª of my fathersª unto thee." {1Kg 21:3} + "And they shall not¹ sellª° of¹ it, neither¹ exchange,ª° nor¹ alienateª°°° the firstfruitsª of the land:ª for¹ [it is] holyª unto the LORD.ª" {Ezk 48:14}
for ever:
or, to be quite cut off, Heb. for cutting off, for the land. "Rejoice,ª° O ye nations,ª [with] his people:ª for¹ he will avengeª° the bloodª of his servants,ª and will renderª° vengeanceª to his adversaries,ª and will be mercifulª° unto his land,ª [and] to his people.ª" {Deu 32:43} + "Then will I pluck them up by the rootsª° out of¹¹ my landª which¹ I have givenª° them; and this¹ house,ª which¹ I have sanctifiedª° for my name,ª will I cast outª° of¹¹ my sight,ª and will makeª° it [to be] a proverbª and a bywordª among all¹ nations.ª" {2Ch 7:20} + "[[A Psalmª of David.]]ª The earthª [is] the LORD'S,ª and the fulnessª thereof; the world,ª and they that dwellª° therein." {Psa 24:1} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° A Psalmª for the sonsª of Korah.]]ª LORD,ª thou hast been favourableª° unto thy land:ª thou hast brought backª° the captivityª° of Jacob.ª" {Psa 85:1} + "And he shall passª° through Judah;ª he shall overflowª° and go over,ª° he shall reachª° [even] to¹ the neck;ª and the stretching outª of his wingsª shall fillª the breadthª of thy land,ª O Immanuel.ª²" {Isa 8:8} + "They shall not¹ dwellª° in the LORD'Sª land;ª but Ephraimª shall returnª° to Egypt,ª and they shall eatª° uncleanª [things] in Assyria.ª" {Hsa 9:3} + "Then will the LORDª be jealousª° for his land,ª and pityª°¹ his people.ª" {Jol 2:18} + "I will also gatherª°¹ all¹ nations,ª and will bring them downª° into¹ the valleyª of Jehoshaphat,ª and will pleadª° with¹ them there¹ for¹ my peopleª and [for] my heritageª Israel,ª whom¹ they have scatteredª° among the nations,ª and partedª° my land.ª" {Jol 3:2}
for ye are:
"And Jacobª saidª° unto¹ Pharaoh,ª The daysª of the yearsª of my pilgrimageª [are] an hundredª and thirtyª years:ª fewª and evilª have the daysª of the yearsª of my lifeª been,¹ and have not¹ attained²° unto¹¹ the daysª of the yearsª of the lifeª of my fathersª in the daysª of their pilgrimage.ª" {Gen 47:9} + "For¹ we¹ [are] strangersª beforeª thee, and sojourners,ª as [were] all¹ our fathers:ª our daysª on¹ the earthª [are] as a shadow,ª and [there is] none¹ abiding.ª" {1Ch 29:15} + "Hearª° my prayer,ª O LORD,ª and give earª° unto my cry;ª hold not thy peaceª°¹ at¹ my tears:ª for¹ I¹ [am] a strangerª with¹ thee, [and] a sojourner,ª as all¹ my fathersª [were]." {Psa 39:12} + "I¹ [am] a strangerª in the earth:ª hideª° not¹ thy commandmentsª from¹ me." {Psa 119:19} + "By faithª he sojournedª° inª the¹ landª of promise,ª as² [in]¹ a strange country,ª dwellingª° inª tabernaclesª withª Isaacª and²¹ Jacob,ª the¹ heirs with himª of the¹ sameª promise:ª ... Theseª allª diedª° inª faith,ª notª having receivedª° the¹ promises,ª butª having seenª° themª afar off,ª andª were persuaded¹ of²° [them], andª embracedª° [them], andª confessedª° thatª they wereª° strangersª andª pilgrimsª onª the¹ earth.ª" {Hbr 11:9-13} + "Dearly beloved,ª I beseechª° [you] asª strangersª andª pilgrims,ª abstain¹ from²° fleshlyª lusts,ª whichª warª° againstª the¹ soul;ª" {1Pe 2:11}

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