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{Leviticus 11:5} And the coney, 8227 because x3588 he x1931 cheweth 5927 z8688 the cud, 1625 but divideth 6536 z8686 not x3808 the hoof; 6541 he x1931 [is] unclean 2931 unto you.
the coney:
Shaphan, most probably an animal resembling the rabbit, called by Dr. Shaw, daman (probably for ganam) Israel, "Israel's lamb," and by Bruce, ashkoko, which name he imagines is "derived from the singularity of these long herenacious hairs, which, like small thorns, grow about his back, and which an Amhara are called ashok." This curious animal abounds in Judea, Palestine, Arabia, and Ethiopia; and is described as being about seventeen inches when sitting. It has no tail; and at first sight gives the idea of a rat. Its colour is grey, mixed with reddish brown; the belly white, the body covered with strong polished hairs, for the most part about two inches in length; the ears round, and not pointed; the feet round, of a soft, pulpy, tender substance; the toes projecting beyond the nails, which are rather broad than sharp; the upper jaw is longer than the other; it lives upon grain, fruit, and roots, and certainly chews the cud; and it does not burrow like the hare and rabbit, but lives in clefts of the rocks. "The highª hillsª [are] a refugeª for the wild goats;ª [and] the rocksª for the conies.ª" {Psa 104:18} + "The coniesª [are but] a feebleª¹ folk,ª yet makeª° they their housesª in the rocks;ª" {Prv 30:26}
but divideth:
"Theyª dieª° in youth,ª and their lifeª [is] among the unclean.ª" {Job 36:14} + "Andª every oneª that hearethª° theseª sayingsª of mine,ª andª doethª° themª not,ª shall be likenedª° unto a foolishª man,ª whichª builtª° his²¹ houseª uponª the¹ sand:ª" {Mtt 7:26} + "Andª knowestª° [his] will,ª andª approvestª° the things that are more excellent,ª° being instructedª° out ofª the¹ law;ª ... Forª the¹ nameª of Godª is blasphemedª° amongª the¹ Gentilesª throughª you,ª asª it is written.ª°" {Rom 2:18-24} + "(Forª manyª walk,ª° of whomª I have toldª° youª often,ª andª nowª tellª° you evenª weeping,ª° [that they are] the¹ enemiesª of the¹ crossª of Christ:ª ... Whoseª endª [is] destruction,ª whoseª God²¹ [is their] belly,ª andª [whose] gloryª [is] inª theirª shame,ª who² mindª° earthly things.)ª" {Php 3:18-19} + "Havingª° a formª of godliness,ª butª denyingª° the¹ powerª thereof:ª from² such² turn away.ª°¹" {2Tm 3:5} + "They professª° that they knowª° God;ª butª in worksª they denyª° [him], beingª° abominable,ª andª disobedient,ª andª untoª everyª goodª workª reprobate.ª" {Tts 1:16}

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