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{Exodus 31:3} And I have filled 4390 z8762 him with the spirit 7307 of God, 430 in wisdom, 2451 and in understanding, 8394 and in knowledge, 1847 and in all manner x3605 of workmanship, 4399
"And he hath filledª° him with the spiritª of God,ª in wisdom,ª in understanding,ª and in knowledge,ª and in all manner¹ of workmanship;ª" {Exd 35:31} + "Giveª° therefore thy servantª an understandingª° heartª to judgeª°¹ thy people,ª that I may discernª° between¹ goodª and bad:ª for¹ who¹ is ableª° to judgeª° this¹ thy so greatª¹ a people?ª" {1Kg 3:9} + "He¹ [was] a widow'sª² sonª of the tribeª¹ of Naphtali,ª and his fatherª [was] a manª of Tyre,ª a workerª° in brass:ª and he was filledª° with¹ wisdom,ª and understanding,ª and cunningª to workª° all¹ worksª in brass.ª And he cameª° to¹ kingª Solomon,ª and wroughtª°¹ all¹ his work.ª" {1Kg 7:14} + "And for a spiritª of judgmentª to him that sittethª° in¹ judgment,ª and for strengthª to them that turnª° the battleª to the gate.ª" {Isa 28:6} + "For his Godª doth instructª° him to discretion,ª [and] doth teachª° him." {Isa 28:26} + "Nowª there areª° diversitiesª of gifts,ª butª the¹ sameª Spirit.ª ... Butª allª theseª workethª° that oneª andª the¹ selfsameª Spirit,ª dividingª° to every manª severallyª asª he will.ª°" {1Co 12:4-11}
the spirit of God:
Ruach Elohim, rather, "a spirit of God;" which is a usual Hebraism, signifying "an excellent spirit;" or, as we should now say, "a distinguished genius for the work he had to perform." No man, by course of reading or study, ever acquired a genius of any kind. We call it natural, and say it was born with the man: Moses teaches us to consider it divine. The prophet Isaiah ("Doth the plowmanª° plowª° all¹ dayª to sow?ª° doth he openª° and break the clodsª° of his ground?ª ... This¹ also¹ cometh forthª° from¹¹ the LORDª of hosts,ª [which] is wonderfulª° in counsel,ª [and] excellentª° in working.ª" {Isa 28:24-29}), pointedly refers to this sort of teaching as coming from God, even in the most common and less difficult arts of life. Dark as the heathens were, yet they acknowledged that all talents and the seeds of all arts came from God.

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