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{Exodus 23:26} There shall nothing x3808 cast their young, 7921 z8764 x1961 nor be barren, 6135 in thy land: 776 x853 the number 4557 of thy days 3117 I will fulfil. 4390 z8762
shall nothing:
"Thou shalt be¹ blessedª° above all¹¹ people:ª there shall not¹ be¹ maleª or female barrenª among you, or among your cattle.ª" {Deu 7:14} + "Blessedª° [shall be] the fruitª of thy body,ª and the fruitª of thy ground,ª and the fruitª of thy cattle,ª the increaseª of thy kine,ª and the flocksª of thy sheep.ª" {Deu 28:4} + "Their bullª gendereth,ª° and failethª° not;¹ their cowª calveth,ª° and casteth not her calf.ª°¹" {Job 21:10} + "He blessethª° them also, so that they are multipliedª° greatly;ª and suffereth²° not¹ their cattleª to decrease.ª°" {Psa 107:38} + "[That] our garnersª [may be] full,ª affordingª° all manner of store:ª¹¹ [that] our sheepª may bring forth thousandsª° and ten thousandsª° in our streets:ª" {Psa 144:13} + "Bringª° ye¹ all¹ the tithesª into¹ the storehouse,ª¹ that there may be¹ meatª in mine house,ª and proveª° me now¹ herewith,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª if¹ I will not¹ openª° you¹ the windowsª of heaven,ª and pour you outª° a blessing,ª that¹ [there shall] not¹ [be room] enoughª [to receive it]. ... And I will rebukeª° the devourerª° for your sakes, and he shall not¹ destroyª°¹ the fruitsª of your ground;ª neither¹ shall your vineª cast her fruit²° before the time¹ in the field,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Mal 3:10-11}
the number:
"Then Abrahamª gave up the ghost,ª° and diedª° in a goodª old age,ª an old man,ª and fullª [of years]; and was gatheredª° to¹ his people.ª" {Gen 25:8} + "And Isaacª gave up the ghost,ª° and died,ª° and was gatheredª° unto¹ his people,ª [being] oldª and fullª of days:ª and his sonsª Esauª and Jacobª buriedª° him." {Gen 35:29} + "So when Davidª was oldª° and fullª° of days,ª he made¹¹ Solomonª his sonª king²° over¹ Israel.ª" {1Ch 23:1} + "Thou shalt comeª° to¹ [thy] graveª in a full age,ª like as a shock of cornª cometh inª° in his season.ª" {Job 5:26} + "So Jobª died,ª° [being] oldª and fullª of days.ª" {Job 42:17} + "But thou,¹ O God,ª shalt bring them downª° into the pitª of destruction:ª bloodyª and deceitfulª men²¹ shall not¹ live out halfª° their days;ª but I¹ will trustª° in thee." {Psa 55:23} + "The daysª of our yearsª [are] threescore²° years² and ten;ª¹ and if¹ by reason of strengthª [they be] fourscoreª years,ª yet [is] their strengthª labourª and sorrow;ª for¹ it is soonª cut off,ª° and we fly away.ª°" {Psa 90:10} + "There shall be¹ no¹ more¹ thence¹¹ an infantª of days,ª nor an old manª that¹ hath not¹ filledª°¹ his days:ª for¹ the childª shall dieª° an hundredª yearsª old;ª but the sinnerª° [being] an hundredª yearsª oldª shall be accursed.ª°" {Isa 65:20}

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