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{Exodus 23:8} And thou shalt take 3947 z8799 no x3808 gift: 7810 for x3588 the gift 7810 blindeth 5786 z8762 the wise, 6493 and perverteth 5557 z8762 the words 1697 of the righteous. 6662
thou shalt take:
"Thou shalt not¹ wrestª° judgment;ª thou shalt not¹ respectª° persons,ª neither¹ takeª° a gift:ª for¹ a giftª doth blindª° the eyesª of the wise,ª and pervertª° the wordsª of the righteous.ª" {Deu 16:19} + "And his sonsª walkedª° not¹ in his ways,ª but turned asideª° afterª lucre,ª and tookª° bribes,ª and pervertedª° judgment.ª" {1Sm 8:3} + "Behold,¹ here I [am]: witnessª° against me before¹ the LORD,ª and before¹ his anointed:ª whose¹¹ oxª have I taken?ª° or whose¹ assª have I taken?ª° or whom¹ have I defrauded?ª°¹ whom¹ have I oppressed?ª° or of whose handª¹¹ have I received¹ [any] bribeª to blindª° mine eyesª therewith? and I will restoreª° it you." {1Sm 12:3} + "In whose¹ handsª [is] mischief,ª and their right handª is fullª° of bribes.ª" {Psa 26:10} + "He that is greedyª° of gainª troublethª° his own house;ª but he that hatethª° giftsª shall live.ª°" {Prv 15:27} + "A giftª [is as] a preciousª stoneª in the eyesª of him that hathª it: whithersoever¹¹¹ it turneth,ª° it prospereth.ª°" {Prv 17:8} + "A wickedª [man] takethª° a giftª out of the bosomª¹ to pervertª° the waysª of judgment.ª" {Prv 17:23} + "Wealthª makethª° manyª friends;ª but the poorª is separatedª° from his neighbour.ª¹" {Prv 19:4} + "Surely¹ oppressionª maketh a wise manª mad;ª° and a giftª destroyethª°¹ the heart.ª" {Ecc 7:7} + "Bringª° no¹ moreª° vainª oblations;ª incenseª is an abominationª unto me; the new moonsª and sabbaths,ª the callingª° of assemblies,ª I cannot¹¹ away with;²° [it is] iniquity,ª even the solemn meeting.ª" {Isa 1:13} + "Which justifyª° the wickedª forª reward,ª and take awayª° the righteousnessª of the righteousª from¹ him!" {Isa 5:23} + "In thee have they takenª° giftsª to¹ shedª° blood;ª thou hast takenª° usuryª and increase,ª and thou hast greedily gainedª° of thy neighboursª by extortion,ª and hast forgottenª° me, saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 22:12} + "Their drinkª is sour:ª° they have committed whoredom²° continually:ª° her rulersª [with] shameª do love,ª° Giveª° ye." {Hsa 4:18} + "For¹ I knowª° your manifoldª transgressionsª and your mightyª sins:ª they afflictª° the just,ª they takeª° a bribe,ª and they turn asideª° the poorª in the gateª [from their right]." {Ams 5:12} + "That they may do evilª¹ with both handsª earnestly,ª° the princeª asketh,ª° and the judgeª° [asketh] for a reward;ª and the greatª [man], he¹ utterethª° his mischievousª desire:ª so they wrap it up.ª°" {Mic 7:3}
the wise:
Heb. the seeing

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