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{Exodus 16:34} As x834 the LORD 3068 commanded 6680 z8765 x413 Moses, 4872 so Aaron 175 laid it up y3240 z8686 x5117 before 6440 the Testimony, 5715 to be kept. 4931
"And thou shalt putª° into¹ the arkª¹ the testimonyª which¹ I shall giveª°¹ thee." {Exd 25:16} + "And thou shalt putª°¹ the mercy seatª aboveª¹ upon¹ the ark;ª and in¹ the arkª thou shalt putª°¹ the testimonyª that¹ I shall giveª°¹ thee." {Exd 25:21} + "In the tabernacleª of the congregationª withoutª¹ the vail,ª which¹ [is] before¹ the testimony,ª Aaronª and his sonsª shall orderª° it from eveningª¹ to¹ morningª beforeª the LORD:ª [it shall be] a statuteª for everª unto their generationsª on the behalf¹¹ of the childrenª of Israel.ª" {Exd 27:21} + "And thou shalt putª° it beforeª the vailª that¹ [is] by¹ the arkª of the testimony,ª beforeª the mercy seatª that¹ [is] over¹ the testimony,ª where¹¹ I will meetª° with thee." {Exd 30:6} + "And thou shalt beatª° [some] of¹ it very small,ª° and putª° of¹ it beforeª the testimonyª in the tabernacleª of the congregation,ª where¹¹ I will meetª° with thee: it shall be¹ unto you most² holy.ª" {Exd 30:36} + "And he gaveª° unto¹ Moses,ª when he had made an endª° of communingª° with¹ him upon mountª Sinai,ª twoª tablesª of testimony,ª tablesª of stone,ª writtenª° with the fingerª of God.ª" {Exd 31:18} + "Thisª is the sumª° of the tabernacle,ª [even] of the tabernacleª of testimony,ª as¹ it was counted,ª° according¹ to the commandmentª of Moses,ª [for] the serviceª of the Levites,ª by the handª of Ithamar,ª sonª to Aaronª the priest.ª" {Exd 38:21} + "And he tookª° and putª°¹ the testimonyª into¹ the ark,ª and setª°¹ the stavesª on¹ the ark,ª and putª°¹ the mercy seatª aboveª¹ upon¹ the ark:ª" {Exd 40:20} + "But thou¹ shalt appointª°¹ the Levitesª over¹ the tabernacleª of testimony,ª and over¹ all¹ the vesselsª thereof, and over¹ all things¹ that¹ [belong] to it: they¹ shall bearª°¹ the tabernacle,ª and all¹ the vesselsª thereof; and they¹ shall ministerª° unto it, and shall encampª° round aboutª the tabernacle.ª" {Num 1:50} + "But the Levitesª shall pitchª° round aboutª the tabernacleª of testimony,ª that there be¹ no¹ wrathª upon¹ the congregationª of the childrenª of Israel:ª and the Levitesª shall keepª°¹ the chargeª of the tabernacleª of testimony.ª" {Num 1:53} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Bringª°¹ Aaron'sª rodª again²° beforeª the testimony,ª to be keptª for a tokenª against the rebels;ªª and thou shalt quite take awayª° their murmuringsª from¹¹ me, that they dieª° not.¹" {Num 17:10} + "And I turned²° myself¹ and came downª° from¹ the mount,ª and putª°¹ the tablesª in the arkª which¹ I had made;ª° and there¹ they be,¹ as¹ the LORDª commandedª° me." {Deu 10:5} + "[There was] nothing¹ in the arkª saveª the twoª tablesª of stone,ª which¹ Mosesª put²°¹ there¹ at Horeb,ª when¹ the LORDª madeª° [a covenant] with¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª when they came outª° of the landª¹ of Egypt.ª" {1Kg 8:9}

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