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{Exodus 16:23} And he said 559 z8799 unto x413 them, This x1931 [is that] which x834 the LORD 3068 hath said, 1696 z8765 To morrow 4279 [is] the rest 7677 of the holy 6944 sabbath 7676 unto the LORD: 3068 bake 644 z8798 [that] x853 which x834 ye will bake 644 z8799 [to day], and seethe 1310 z8761 that x834 ye will seethe; 1310 z8762 and that which 3605 remaineth over 5736 z8802 lay up y3240 z8685 x5117 for you to be kept 4931 until x5704 the morning. 1242
"Rememberª° the¹ sabbathª day,ª to keep it holy.ª° ... For¹ [in] sixª daysª the LORDª madeª°¹ heavenª and earth,ª¹ the sea,ª and all¹ that¹ in them [is], and restedª° the seventhª day:ª wherefore¹¹ the LORDª blessedª° the¹ sabbathª day,ª and hallowedª° it." {Exd 20:8-11} + "Sixª daysª may workª be done;ª° but in the seventhª [is] the sabbathª of rest,ª holyª to the LORD:ª whosoever¹ doethª° [any] workª in the sabbathª day,ª he shall surely²° be put to death.ª°" {Exd 31:15} + "Ye shall kindleª° no¹ fireª throughout¹ your habitationsª upon the sabbathª day.ª" {Exd 35:3} + "And on the seventhª dayª Godª endedª° his workª which¹ he had made;ª° and he restedª° on the seventhª dayª from all¹¹ his workª which¹ he had made.ª° ... And Godª blessedª°¹ the seventhª day,ª and sanctifiedª° it: becauseª that in it he had restedª° from all¹¹ his workª which¹ Godª createdª° and made.ª°" {Gen 2:2-3} + "Sixª daysª shall workª be done:ª° but the seventhª dayª [is] the sabbathª of rest,ª an holyª convocation;ª ye shall doª° no¹¹ workª [therein]: it¹ [is] the sabbathª of the LORDª in all¹ your dwellings.ª" {Lev 23:3} + "Andª he saidª° unto them,ª The¹ sabbathª was madeª° forª man,ª and notª manª forª the¹ sabbath:ª ... Thereforeª the¹ Sonª of manª isª° Lordª alsoª of the¹ sabbath.ª" {Mrk 2:27-28} + "And¹ they returned,ª° and² preparedª° spicesª andª ointments;ª andª restedª°² the¹¹ sabbath dayª accordingª to the¹ commandment.ª" {Lke 23:56} + "I wasª° inª the Spiritª on²¹ the¹ Lord'sª day,ª andª heardª° behindª meª a greatª voice,ª asª of a trumpet,ª" {Rev 1:10}
"[And] the peopleª went about,ª° and gatheredª° [it], and groundª° [it] in mills,ª or¹ beatª° [it] in a mortar,ª and bakedª° [it] in pans,ª and madeª° cakesª of it: and the tasteª of it was¹ as the tasteª of freshª oil.ª" {Num 11:8}

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