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{Exodus 16:15} And when the children 1121 of Israel 3478 saw 7200 z8799 [it], they said 559 z8799 one 376 to x413 another, 251 It x1931 [is] manna: 4478 for x3588 they wist 3045 z8804 not x3808 what x4100 it x1931 [was]. And Moses 4872 said 559 z8799 unto x413 them, This x1931 [is] the bread 3899 which x834 the LORD 3068 hath given 5414 z8804 you to eat. 402
It is manna:
or, What is this, or, It is a portion, "And the houseª of Israelª calledª°¹ the nameª thereof Manna:ª and it¹ [was] like corianderª seed,ª white;ª and the tasteª of it [was] like wafersª [made] with honey.ª" {Exd 16:31} + "And Mosesª saidª° unto¹ Aaron,ª Takeª° aª pot,ª and putª° an omerª fullª of mannaª therein,¹ and lay it up²°¹¹ beforeª the LORD,ª to be keptª for your generations.ª" {Exd 16:33} + "And he humbledª° thee, and suffered thee to hunger,ª° and fedª° thee with¹ manna,ª which¹ thou knewestª° not,¹ neither¹ did thy fathersª know;ª° that¹ he might make thee knowª° that¹ manª doth not¹ liveª° by¹ breadª only,ª but¹ by¹ every¹ [word] that proceedeth² out¹ of the mouthª of the LORDª doth manª live.ª°" {Deu 8:3} + "Who fedª° thee in the wildernessª with manna,ª which¹ thy fathersª knewª° not,¹ that¹ he might humbleª° thee, and that¹ he might proveª° thee, to do thee goodª° at thy latter end;ª" {Deu 8:16} + "And the mannaª ceasedª° on the morrowª¹ after they had eatenª° of the old cornª¹ of the land;ª neither¹ had¹ the childrenª of Israelª mannaª any more;¹ but they did eatª° of the fruitª¹ of the landª of Canaanª that¹ year.ª" {Jsh 5:12} + "And gavestª° them breadª from heavenª¹ for their hunger,ª and broughtest forthª° waterª for them out of the rockª¹ for their thirst,ª and promisedstª° them that they should go inª° to possessª°¹ the landª which¹ thou hadst swornªª°¹ to giveª° them." {Neh 9:15} + "Thou gavestª° also thy goodª spiritª to instructª° them, and withheldestª° not¹ thy mannaª from their mouth,ª¹ and gavestª° them waterª for their thirst.ª" {Neh 9:20} + "Ourª fathersª did eatª° mannaª inª the¹ desert;ª asª it isª° written,ª° He gaveª° themª breadª fromª heavenª to eat.ª° ... Thenª Jesusª saidª° unto them,ª Verily,ª verily,ª I sayª° unto you,ª Mosesª gaveª° youª notª that breadª fromª heaven;ª butª myª Fatherª givethª° youª the¹ trueª breadª fromª heaven.ª" {Jhn 6:31-32} + "Yourª fathersª did eatª° mannaª inª the¹ wilderness,ª andª are dead.ª°" {Jhn 6:49} + "Thisª isª° that breadª which² came downª° fromª heaven:ª notª asª yourª fathersª did eatª° manna,ª andª are dead:ª° he that eatethª° of thisª breadª shall liveª° for² ever.ª¹" {Jhn 6:58} + "Andª did²° allª eatª° the¹ sameª spiritualª meat;ª" {1Co 10:3} + "Which hadª° the goldenª censer,ª andª the¹ arkª of the¹ covenantª overlaidª° round aboutª with gold,²¹ whereinªª [was] the golden²¹ potª that hadª° manna,ª andª Aaron'sª rodª that budded,ª° andª the¹ tablesª of the¹ covenant;ª" {Hbr 9:4} + "He that hathª° an ear,ª let him hearª° whatª the¹ Spiritª saithª° unto the¹ churches;ª To himª that overcomethª° will I giveª° to eatª° ofª the¹ hiddenª°¹ manna,ª andª will giveª° himª a whiteª stone,ª andª inª the¹ stoneª a newª nameª written,ª° whichª no manª knowethª° savingª he that receivethª° [it]." {Rev 2:17}
This is:
"Then saidª° the LORDª unto¹ Moses,ª Behold,¹ I will rainª° breadª from¹ heavenª for you; and the peopleª shall go outª° and gatherª° a certain rate² every day,ª¹ that¹ I may proveª° them, whether they will walk²°¹ in my law,ª or¹ no.¹" {Exd 16:4} + "And the peopleª spakeª° against God,ª and against Moses,ª Wherefore¹ have ye brought us upª° out of Egyptª¹ to dieª° in the wilderness?ª for¹ [there is] no¹ bread,ª neither¹ [is there any] water;ª and our soulª loathethª° this lightª bread.ª" {Num 21:5} + "Come,²°¹ eatª° of my bread,ª and drinkª° of the wineª [which] I have mingled.ª°" {Prv 9:5} + "Forª allª these thingsª do²° the¹ nationsª of the¹ worldª seek after:ª° andª yourª Fatherª knowethª° thatª ye have need²°¹ of these things.ª" {Lke 12:30}

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