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{Exodus 15:14} The people 5971 shall hear, 8085 z8804 [and] be afraid: 7264 z8799 sorrow 2427 shall take hold 270 z8804 on the inhabitants 3427 z8802 of Palestina. 6429
"And they will tellª° [it] to¹ the inhabitantsª° of this¹ land:ª [for] they have heardª° that¹ thou¹ LORDª [art] amongª this¹ people,ª that¹ thou¹ LORDª art seenª° faceª to face,ª and [that] thy cloudª standethª° over¹ them, and [that] thou¹ goestª° beforeª them, by day timeª in a pillarª of a cloud,ª and in a pillarª of fireª by night.ª" {Num 14:14} + "He sentª° messengersª therefore unto¹ Balaamª the sonª of Beorª to Pethor,ª which¹ [is] by¹ the riverª of the landª of the childrenª of his people,ª to callª° him, saying,ª° Behold,¹ there is a peopleª come outª° from Egypt:ª¹ behold,¹ they coverª°¹ the faceª of the earth,ª and they¹ abideª° over againstª¹ me:" {Num 22:5} + "And commandª° thou the people,ª saying,ª° Ye¹ [are] to pass²° through¹ the coastª of your brethrenª the childrenª of Esau,ª which dwellª° in Seir;ª and they shall be afraidª° of¹ you: take ye good² heed²° unto yourselves therefore:¹¹ ... Meddleª° not¹ with them; for¹ I will not¹ giveª° you of their land,ª¹ no, not so much¹ as a foot² breadth;ªª¹ because¹ I have givenª°¹ mountª Seirª unto Esauª [for] a possession.ª" {Deu 2:4-5} + "And she saidª° unto¹ the men,²¹ I knowª° that¹ the LORDª hath givenª° you¹ the land,ª and that¹ your terrorª is fallenª° upon¹ us, and that¹ all¹ the inhabitantsª° of the landª faintª° because² of¹¹ you. ... For¹ we have heardª°¹ how¹ the LORDª dried upª°¹ the waterª of the Redª seaª for¹¹ you,² when ye came outª° of Egypt;ª¹ and what¹ ye didª° unto the twoª kingsª of the Amorites,ª that¹ [were] on the other sideª Jordan,ª Sihonª and Og,ª whom¹ ye utterly destroyed.ª°¹" {Jsh 2:9-10} + "And they answeredª°¹ Joshua,ª and said,ª° Because¹ it was certainly²° toldª° thy servants,ª¹ how that¹ the LORDª thy Godª commandedª° his servantª¹ Mosesª to giveª° you all¹ the land,ª and to destroyª°¹ all¹ the inhabitantsª° of the landª from beforeª¹ you, therefore we were soreª afraidª° of our livesª because² of¹¹ you, and have doneª°¹ this¹ thing.ª" {Jsh 9:24} + "Fearª took hold²° upon¹ them there,¹ [and] pain,ª as of a woman in travail.ª°" {Psa 48:6}
of Palestina:
"Rejoiceª° not¹ thou, whole¹ Palestina,ª because¹ the rodª of him that¹ smoteª° thee is broken:ª° for out of the serpent's² rootª¹¹ shall come forthª° a cockatrice,ª and his fruitª [shall be] a fiery²° flying²° serpent.ª¹" {Isa 14:29} + "Howl,ª° O gate;ª cry,ª° O city;ª thou, whole¹ Palestina,ª [art] dissolved:ª° for¹ there shall comeª° from the northª¹ a smoke,ª and none¹ [shall be] aloneª° in his appointed times.ª" {Isa 14:31}

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