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{Exodus 14:24} And it came to pass, x1961 that in the morning 1242 watch 821 the LORD 3068 looked 8259 z8686 unto x413 the host 4264 of the Egyptians 4714 through the pillar 5982 of fire 784 and of the cloud, 6051 and troubled 2000 z8799 x853 the host 4264 of the Egyptians, 4714
that in the:
"And it was¹ [so] on the morrow,ª¹ that Saulª putª°¹ the peopleª in threeª companies;ª and they cameª° into the midstª of the hostª in the morningª watch,ª and slewª°¹ the Ammonitesª until¹ the heatª of the day:ª and it came to pass,¹ that they which remainedª° were scattered,ª° so that twoª of them were not¹ leftª° together.ª" {1Sm 11:11}
looked unto:
"Look²° on¹ every one¹ [that is] proud,ª [and] bring him low;ª° and tread downª° the wickedª in their place.¹" {Job 40:12} + "The LORDª also thunderedª° in the heavens,ª and the Highestª gaveª° his voice;ª hailª [stones] and coalsª of fire.ª ... Yea, he sent outª° his arrows,ª and scatteredª° them; and he shot outª° lightnings,ª and discomfitedª° them." {Psa 18:13-14} + "The watersª sawª° thee, O God,ª the watersª sawª° thee; they were afraid:ª° the depthsª also¹ were troubled.ª° ... Thy wayª [is] in the sea,ª and thy pathª in the greatª waters,ª and thy footstepsª are not¹ known.ª°" {Psa 77:16-19} + "He lookethª° on the earth,ª and it trembleth:ª° he touchethª° the hills,ª and they smoke.ª°" {Psa 104:32}
"And the angelª of God,ª which wentª° beforeª the campª of Israel,ª removedª° and went²°¹ behindª¹ them; and the pillarª of the cloudª wentª° from before their face,ª¹ and stoodª° behindª¹ them: ... And it cameª° between¹ the campª of the Egyptiansª and the campª of Israel;ª and it was¹ a cloudª and darknessª [to them], but it gave lightª°¹ by nightª [to these]: so that the one¹ came not nearª°¹ the otherª all¹ the night.ª" {Exd 14:19-20}
and troubled:
"And took offª°¹ their chariotª wheels,ª that they draveª° them heavily:ª so that the Egyptiansª said,ª° Let us fleeª° from the faceª¹ of Israel;ª for¹ the LORDª fightethª° for them against the Egyptians.ª" {Exd 14:25} + "And thou sayest,ª° How¹ doth Godª know?ª° can he judgeª° through¹ the dark cloud?ª" {Job 22:13} + "Therefore¹¹ am I troubledª° at his presence:ª¹ when I consider,ª° I am afraidª° of¹ him. ... For Godª maketh my heart² soft,ª°¹ and the Almightyª troublethª° me:" {Job 23:15-16} + "In a momentª shall they die,ª° and the peopleª shall be troubledª° at midnight,ªª and pass away:ª° and the mightyª shall be taken awayª° without¹ hand.ª" {Job 34:20} + "When he¹ giveth quietness,ª° who¹ then can make trouble?ª° and when he hidethª° [his] face,ª who¹ then can beholdª° him? whether [it be done] against¹ a nation,ª or against¹ a manª only:ª" {Job 34:29} + "They¹ sawª° [it, and] so¹ they marvelled;ª° they were troubled,ª° [and] hasted away.ª°" {Psa 48:5}

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