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{Exodus 14:11} And they said 559 z8799 unto x413 Moses, 4872 Because x4480 x1097 [there were] no x369 graves 6913 in Egypt, 4714 hast thou taken us away 3947 z8804 to die 4191 z8800 in the wilderness? 4057 wherefore y2063 x4100 hast thou dealt 6213 z8804 thus x2063 with us, to carry us forth 3318 z8687 out of Egypt? 4714 x4480
"And when they cameª° to Marah,ª they couldª° not¹ drinkª° of the watersª of Marah,ª¹ for¹ they¹ [were] bitter:ª therefore¹¹ the nameª of it was calledª° Marah.ª ... And the peopleª murmuredª° against¹ Moses,ª saying,ª° What¹ shall we drink?ª°" {Exd 15:23-24} + "And the whole¹ congregationª of the childrenª of Israelª murmuredª° against¹ Mosesª and Aaronª in the wilderness:ª ... And the childrenª of Israelª saidª° unto¹ them, Would to Godªª° we had diedª° by the handª of the LORDª in the landª of Egypt,ª when we satª° by¹ the fleshª pots,ª [and] when we did eatª° breadª to the full;ª for¹ ye have brought us forthª°¹ into¹ this¹ wilderness,ª to killª°¹ this¹ whole¹ assemblyª with hunger.ª" {Exd 16:2-3} + "Wherefore the peopleª did chideª° with¹ Moses,ª and said,ª° Giveª° us waterª that we may drink.ª° And Mosesª saidª° unto them, Why¹ chideª° ye with¹ me? wherefore¹ do ye temptª°¹ the LORD?ª ... And the peopleª thirstedª° there¹ for water;ª and the peopleª murmuredª° against¹ Moses,ª and said,ª° Wherefore¹ [is] this¹ [that] thou hast brought²° us up¹ out of Egypt,ª¹ to killª° us and our childrenª and our cattleª with thirst?ª" {Exd 17:2-3} + "And [when] the peopleª complained,ª° it displeasedªª the LORD:ª and the LORDª heardª° [it]; and his angerª was kindled;ª° and the fireª of the LORDª burntª° among them, and consumedª° [them that were] in the uttermost partsª of the camp.ª" {Num 11:1} + "And all¹ the congregationª lifted upª°¹ their voice,ª and cried;ª° and the peopleª weptª° that¹ night.ª ... And they saidª° oneª to¹ another,ª Let us makeª° a captain,ª and let us returnª° into Egypt.ª" {Num 14:1-4} + "But on the morrowª¹ all¹ the congregationª of the childrenª of Israelª murmuredª° against¹ Mosesª and against¹ Aaron,ª saying,ª° Ye¹ have killedª°¹ the peopleª of the LORD.ª" {Num 16:41} + "Our fathersª understoodª° not¹ thy wondersª° in Egypt;ª they rememberedª° not¹¹ the multitudeª of thy mercies;ª but provokedª° [him] at¹ the sea,ª [even] at the Redª sea.ª ... Nevertheless he savedª° them for his name's² sake,¹¹ that he might make¹ his mighty powerª to be known.ª°" {Psa 106:7-8}
"And Mosesª returnedª° unto¹ the LORD,ª and said,ª° Lord,ª wherefore¹ hast thou [so] evil entreatedª° this¹ people?ª why¹ [is] it¹ [that] thou hast sentª° me?" {Exd 5:22} + "And Israelª said,ª° Wherefore¹ dealt ye [so] illª° with me, [as] to tellª° the manª whether ye had yet¹ a brother?ª" {Gen 43:6} + "And if¹ thou¹ dealª° thus¹ with me, killª° me, I pray thee,¹ out of hand,ª° if¹ I have foundª° favourª in thy sight;ª and let me not¹ seeª° my wretchedness.ª" {Num 11:15}

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