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{Exodus 14:5} And it was told 5046 z8714 the king 4428 of Egypt 4714 that x3588 the people 5971 fled: 1272 z8804 and the heart 3824 of Pharaoh 6547 and of his servants 5650 was turned 2015 z8735 against x413 the people, 5971 and they said, 559 z8799 Why x4100 have we done 6213 z8804 this, x2063 that x3588 we have let x853 Israel 3478 go 7971 z8765 from serving 5647 z8800 x4480 us?
and the heart:
"And the Egyptiansª were urgentª° upon¹ the people,ª that they might send²° them out¹ of¹ the landª in haste;ª° for¹ they said,ª° We [be] all¹ deadª° [men]." {Exd 12:33} + "He turnedª° their heartª to hateª° his people,ª to deal subtillyª° with his servants.ª" {Psa 105:25}
Why have we:
"Now when all¹ the princes,ª and all¹ the people,ª which¹ had enteredª° into the covenant,ª heardª° that every oneª should let¹ his manservant,ª and every oneª¹ his maidservant,ª goª° free,ª that none¹ should serveª° themselves of them any more,¹ then they obeyed,ª° and let [them] go.ª° ... Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Ye¹ have not¹ hearkenedª° unto¹ me, in proclaimingª° liberty,ª every oneª to his brother,ª and every manª to his neighbour:ª behold,¹ I proclaimª° a libertyª for you, saithª° the LORD,ª to¹ the sword,ª to¹ the pestilence,ª and to¹ the famine;ª and I will makeª° you to be removedª°² into all¹ the kingdomsª of the earth.ª" {Jer 34:10-17} + "Whenª the¹ uncleanª spiritª is goneª° out ofª a man,ª he walkethª° throughª dryª places,ª seekingª° rest;ª andª findingª° none,ª he saith,ª° I will returnª° untoª myª houseª whenceª I came out.ª° ... Thenª goeth¹ he,²° andª takethª° [to him] sevenª otherª spiritsª more wickedª than himself;ª andª they enter in,ª° and¹ dwellª° there:ª andª the¹ lastª [state] of thatª manª isª° worseª than the¹ first.ª" {Lke 11:24-26} + "Forª ifª after they have escapedª° the¹ pollutionsª of the¹ worldª throughª the knowledgeª of the¹ Lordª andª Saviourª Jesusª Christ,ª they are²°¹ againª entangledª° therein,ª and²¹ overcome,ª²°° the¹ latter endª is¹ worseª with themª than the¹ beginning.ª ... Butª it is happenedª° unto themª according¹ to² the¹ trueª proverb,ª The dogª [is] turned²° to² his own² vomit² again;ª°¹¹¹ andª the sowª that was washedª° toª her wallowingª in the mire.ª" {2Pe 2:20-22}

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