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{Exodus 9:18} Behold, x2009 to morrow 4279 about this time 6256 I will cause it to rain 4305 z8688 a very 3966 grievous 3515 hail, 1259 such x834 as x3644 hath not x3808 been y3644 x1961 in Egypt 4714 since 4480 x3117 the foundation 3245 y3117 z8736 thereof even until x5704 now. x6258
to morrow:
"Then Jezebelª sentª° a messengerª unto¹ Elijah,ª saying,ª° So¹ let the godsª doª° [to me], and moreª° also,¹ if¹ I makeª° not¹ thy lifeª as the lifeª of oneª of¹ them by to morrowª about this time.ª" {1Kg 19:2} + "Yet¹ I will sendª°¹ my servantsª unto¹ thee to morrowª about¹ this time,ª and they shall searchª°¹ thine house,ª and the housesª of thy servants;ª and it shall be,ª° [that] whatsoever¹ is pleasantª in thine eyes,ª they shall putª° [it] in their hand,ª and take [it] away.ª°" {1Kg 20:6} + "Then Elishaª said,ª° Hearª° ye the wordª of the LORD;ª Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª To morrowª about this timeª [shall] a measureª of fine flourª [be sold] for a shekel,ª and two measuresª of barleyª for a shekel,ª in the gateª of Samaria.ª" {2Kg 7:1} + "And it came to pass¹ as the manª of Godª had spokenª° to¹ the king,ª saying,ª° Two measuresª of barleyª for a shekel,ª and a measureª of fine flourª for a shekel,ª shall be¹ to morrowª about this timeª in the gateª of Samaria:ª" {2Kg 7:18}
I will cause:
This must have been a circumstance of all others the most incredible to an Egyptian; for in Egypt there fell no rain, the want of which was supplied by dews, and the overflowing of the Nile. The Egyptians must, therefore, have perceived themselves particularly aimed at in these fearful events, especially as they were very superstitious. There seems likewise a propriety in their being punished by fire and water, as they were guilty of the grossest idolatry towards these elements. Scarcely anything could have distressed the Egyptians more than the destruction of the flax, as the whole nation wore linen garments. The ruin of their barley was equally fatal, both to their trade and to their private advantage. See Bryant, pp. 108-117. "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Stretch forthª°¹ thine handª toward¹ heaven,ª that there may be¹ hailª in all¹ the landª of Egypt,ª upon¹ man,ª and upon¹ beast,ª and upon¹ every¹ herbª of the field,ª throughout the landª of Egypt.ª ... And the hailª smoteª° throughout all¹ the landª of Egyptª¹ all¹ that¹ [was] in the field,ª both manª¹ and beast;ª and the hailª smoteª° every¹ herbª of the field,ª and brakeª° every¹ treeª of the field.ª" {Exd 9:22-25} + "So¹ persecuteª° them with thy tempest,ª and make them afraidª° with thy storm.ª" {Psa 83:15}

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