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{Exodus 9:17} As yet x5750 exaltest y5549 z8706 thou thyself x5549 against my people, 5971 that thou wilt not x1115 let them go? 7971 z8763
"[He is] wiseª in heart,ª and mightyª in strength:ª who¹ hath hardenedª° [himself] against¹ him, and hath prospered?ª°" {Job 9:4} + "For¹ he stretcheth outª° his handª against¹ God,ª and strengtheneth²° himself¹ against¹ the Almighty.ª ... He runnethª° upon¹ him, [even] on [his] neck,ª upon the thickª bossesª of his bucklers:ª" {Job 15:25-26} + "Hast thou an armª like God?ª or canst thou thunderª° with a voiceª like him?¹" {Job 40:9} + "Shall the axeª boast²° itself¹ against¹ him that hewethª° therewith? [or] shall the sawª magnify²° itself¹ against¹ him that shakethª° it? as if the rodª should shake²° [itself] against¹¹ them that lift it up,ª° [or] as if the staffª should lift upª° [itself, as if it were] no¹ wood.ª" {Isa 10:15} + "LORD,ª [when] thy handª is lifted up,²°¹ they will not¹ see:ª° [but] they shall see,ª° and be ashamedª° for [their] envyª at the people;ª yea,¹ the fireª of thine enemiesª shall devourª° them." {Isa 26:11} + "¹ Whom¹ hast thou reproachedª° and blasphemed?ª° and against¹ whom¹ hast thou exaltedª° [thy] voice,ª and lifted upª° thine eyesª on high?ª [even] against¹ the Holy Oneª of Israel.ª ... Byª thy servantsª hast thou reproachedª° the Lord,ª and hast said,ª° By the multitudeª of my chariotsª am I¹ come upª° to the heightª of the mountains,ª to the sidesª of Lebanon;ª and I will cut downª° the tallª cedarsª thereof, [and] the choiceª fir treesª thereof: and I will enterª° into the heightª of his border,ª [and] the forestª of his Carmel.²¹" {Isa 37:23-24} + "Because¹ thy rageª° against¹ me, and thy tumult,ª is come upª° into mine ears,ª therefore will I putª° my hookª in thy nose,ª and my bridleª in thy lips,ª and I will turn thee backª° by the wayª by which¹ thou camest.ª°" {Isa 37:29} + "Woeª unto him that strivethª° with¹ his Maker!ª° [Let] the potsherdª [strive] with¹ the potsherdsª of the earth.ª Shall the clayª sayª° to him that fashionethª° it, What¹ makestª° thou? or thy work,ª He hath no¹ hands?ª" {Isa 45:9} + "Andª immediatelyª the angelª of the Lordª smoteª° him,ª becauseªª he gaveª° notª Godª the¹ glory:ª andª he wasª° eaten of worms,ª and gave up the ghost.ª°" {Act 12:23} + "Do we¹ provoke²²° the Lord² to jealousy?ª°¹¹ are¹ we²°¹ stronger¹ than²² he?ª" {1Co 10:22}

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