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{Exodus 9:5} And the LORD 3068 appointed 7760 z8799 a set time, 4150 saying, 559 z8800 To morrow 4279 the LORD 3068 shall do 6213 z8799 this x2088 thing 1697 in the land. 776
a set time:
"Behold,¹ to morrowª about this timeª I will cause it to rainª° a veryª grievousª hail,ª such¹ as¹ hath not¹ been²¹ in Egyptª sinceª¹ the foundationª²° thereof even until¹ now.¹" {Exd 9:18} + "And I will putª° a divisionª between¹ my peopleª and thy people:ª to morrowª shall this¹ signª be.¹" {Exd 8:23} + "Else,ª if¹ thou¹ refuseª to let¹ my peopleª go,ª° behold,¹ to morrowª will I bringª° the locustsª into thy coast:ª" {Exd 10:4} + "And he spakeª° unto¹ Korahª and unto¹ all¹ his company,ª saying,ª° Even to morrowª the LORDª will shewª°¹ who¹ [are] his, and [who is] holy;ª and will cause [him] to come nearª° unto¹ him: even [him] whom¹ he hath chosenª° will he cause to come nearª° unto¹ him." {Num 16:5} + "Why,¹ seeing timesª are not¹ hiddenª° from the Almighty,ª¹ do they that knowª° him not¹ seeª° his days?ª" {Job 24:1} + "To every¹ [thing there is] a season,ª and a timeª to every¹ purposeª under¹ the heaven:ª ... He hath madeª°¹ every¹ [thing] beautifulª in his time:ª also¹ he hath setª°¹ the worldª in their heart,ª so that²¹ no¹¹ manª can find outª°¹ the workª that¹ Godª makethª° from the beginningª¹ to¹ the end.ª" {Ecc 3:1-11} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Behold,¹ I will castª° thee from off¹¹ the faceª of the earth:ª this yearª thou¹ shalt die,ª° because¹ thou hast taughtª° rebellionª against¹ the LORD.ª ... So Hananiahª the prophetª diedª° the same¹ yearª in the seventhª month.ª" {Jer 28:16-17} + "Saying,ª° Sir,ª we rememberª° thatª thatª deceiverª said,ª° while¹ he was yet² alive,ª° Afterª threeª daysª I will rise again.ª° ... Commandª° thereforeª that the¹ sepulchreª be made sureª° untilª the¹ thirdª day,ª lestª hisª disciplesª comeª° by night,ª and steal²° him² away,ª°¹ andª sayª° unto the¹ people,ª He is risenª° fromª the¹ dead:ª soª the¹ lastª errorª shall beª° worse¹ than² the¹ first.ª" {Mtt 27:63-64}

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