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{Exodus 5:21} And they said 559 z8799 unto x413 them, The LORD 3068 look 7200 z8799 upon x5921 you, and judge; 8199 z8799 because x834 ye have made x853 our savour 7381 to be abhorred 887 z8689 in the eyes 5869 of Pharaoh, 6547 and in the eyes 5869 of his servants, 5650 to put 5414 z8800 a sword 2719 in their hand 3027 to slay 2026 z8800 us.
"And the peopleª believed:ª° and when they heardª° that¹ the LORDª had visitedª°¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª and that¹ he had looked²° upon¹¹ their affliction,ª then they bowed their headsª° and worshipped.ª°" {Exd 4:31} + "And Mosesª spakeª° so¹ unto¹ the childrenª of Israel:ª but they hearkenedª° not¹ unto¹ Mosesª for anguishª¹ of spirit,ª and for cruel² bondage.ª¹¹" {Exd 6:9} + "And Saraiª saidª° unto¹ Abram,ª My wrongª [be] upon¹ thee: I¹ have givenª° my maidª into thy bosom;ª and when she sawª° that¹ she had conceived,ª° I was despisedª° in her eyes:ª the LORDª judgeª° between¹ me and thee." {Gen 16:5}
our savour:
"Deadª fliesª cause the ointmentª of the apothecaryª° to send forthª° a stinking savour:ª° [so doth] a littleª follyª him that is in reputationª for wisdomª¹ [and] honour.ª¹" {Ecc 10:1} + "But I will remove far offª° from¹¹ you the northernª [army], and will driveª° him into¹ a landª barrenª and desolate,ª with¹ his faceª toward¹ the eastª sea,ª and his hinder partª toward¹ the utmostª sea,ª and his stinkª shall come up,ª° and his ill savourª shall come up,ª° because¹ he hath doneª° great things.ª°" {Jol 2:20} + "Forª we areª° unto Godª a sweet savourª of Christ,ª inª them that are saved,ª° andª inª them that perish:ª° ... To² the oneª¹ [we are] the savourª of deathª untoª death;ª andª to the otherª the savourª of lifeª untoª life.ª Andª whoª [is] sufficientª forª these things?ª" {2Co 2:15-16}
to be abhorred:
Heb. to stink, "And Jacobª saidª° to¹ Simeonª and Levi,ª Ye have troubledª° me to make me to stinkª° among the inhabitantsª° of the land,ª among the Canaanitesª and the Perizzites:ª and I¹ [being] fewª in number,ª they shall gather themselves togetherª° against¹ me, and slay¹ me;²° and I shall be destroyed,ª° I¹ and my house.ª" {Gen 34:30} + "And all¹ Israelª heardª° sayª° [that] Saulª had smittenª°¹ a garrisonª of the Philistines,ª and [that] Israelª also¹ was had in abominationª° with the Philistines.ª And the peopleª were called togetherª° afterª Saulª to Gilgal.ª" {1Sm 13:4} + "And Achishª believedª° David,ª saying,ª° He hath made his peopleª Israelª utterly²° to abhorª° him; therefore he shall be¹ my servantª for ever.ª" {1Sm 27:12} + "And when the childrenª of Ammonª sawª° that¹ they stankª° before David,ª the childrenª of Ammonª sentª° and hiredª°¹ the Syriansª of Bethrehob,ª and the Syriansª of Zoba,ª twentyª thousandª footmen,ª and of kingª Maacahª a thousandª men,ª and of Ishtobª twelveªª thousandª men.ª" {2Sm 10:6} + "And when the childrenª of Ammonª sawª° that¹ they had made themselves odiousª° to¹ David,ª Hanunª and the childrenª of Ammonª sentª° a thousandª talentsª of silverª to hireª° them chariotsª and horsemenª out of¹ Mesopotamia,ª and out of¹ Syriamaachah,ªª and out of Zobah.ª¹" {1Ch 19:6}

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