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{Exodus 5:3} And they said, 559 z8799 The God 430 of the Hebrews 5680 hath met 7122 z8738 with x5921 us: let us go, y3212 z8799 x1980 we pray thee, x4994 three 7969 days' 3117 journey 1870 into the desert, 4057 and sacrifice 2076 z8799 unto the LORD 3068 our God; 430 lest x6435 he fall y6293 z8799 upon x6293 us with pestilence, 1698 or x176 with the sword. 2719
The God:
"And they shall hearkenª° to thy voice:ª and thou shalt come,ª° thou¹ and the eldersª of Israel,ª unto¹ the kingª of Egypt,ª and ye shall sayª° unto¹ him, The LORDª Godª of the Hebrewsª hath metª° with¹ us: and now¹ let us go,²°¹ we beseech thee,¹ threeª days'ª journeyª into the wilderness,ª that we may sacrificeª° to the LORDª our God.ª" {Exd 3:18}
lest he:
"The LORDª shall make¹ the pestilenceª cleaveª° unto thee, until¹ he have consumedª° thee from off¹¹ the land,ª whither¹¹ thou¹ goestª° to possessª° it." {Deu 28:21} + "And [so] it was¹ at the beginningª of their dwellingª° there,¹ [that] they fearedª° not¹¹ the LORD:ª therefore the LORDª sentª°¹ lionsª among them, which slewª° [some] of them." {2Kg 17:25} + "Now¹ be ye not stiffnecked,ªª°¹ as your fathersª [were, but] yieldª°¹ yourselves² unto the LORD,ª and enterª° into his sanctuary,ª which¹ he hath sanctifiedª° for ever:ª and serveª°¹ the LORDª your God,ª that the fiercenessª of his wrathª may turn awayª° from¹ you." {2Ch 30:8} + "Whatsoeverª¹ is commanded¹ byª² the Godª of heaven,ª let it be diligentlyª doneª° for the houseª of the Godª of heaven:ª forª whyª should there beª° wrathª againstª the realmª of the kingª and his sons?ª" {Ezr 7:23} + "Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Smiteª° with thine hand,ª and stampª° with thy foot,ª and say,ª° Alasª for¹ all¹ the evilª abominationsª of the houseª of Israel!ª for¹ they shall fallª° by the sword,ª by the famine,ª and by the pestilence.ª" {Ezk 6:11} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] every one¹ that is leftª° of all¹¹ the nationsª which cameª° against¹ Jerusalemª shall even go upª° fromª¹ yearª to yearª to worshipª° the King,ª the LORDª of hosts,ª and to keepª°¹ the feastª of tabernacles.ª ... This¹ shall be¹ the punishmentª of Egypt,ª and the punishmentª of all¹ nationsª that¹ come not upª°¹ to keepª°¹ the feastª of tabernacles.ª" {Zch 14:16-19}

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