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{Exodus 2:20} And he said 559 z8799 unto x413 his daughters, 1323 And where x346 [is] he? why x4100 [is] it x2088 [that] ye have left 5800 z8804 x853 the man? 376 call 7121 z8798 him, that he may eat 398 z8799 bread. 3899
call him:
"And he said,ª° Come in,ª° thou blessedª° of the LORD;ª wherefore¹ standestª° thou without?ª for I¹ have preparedª° the house,ª and roomª for the camels.ª ... And there was setª°°²° [meat] before¹ him² to eat:ª° but he said,ª° I will not¹ eat,ª° until¹¹ I have toldª° mine errand.ª And he said,ª° Speak on.ª°" {Gen 24:31-33} + "And I will fetchª° a morselª of bread,ª and comfort¹ ye²° your hearts;ª after thatª ye shall pass on:ª° for¹ therefore¹¹ are ye comeª° toª your servant.ª And they said,²°¹ So¹ do,ª° as¹ thou hast said.²°¹" {Gen 18:5} + "And he said,ª° Behold¹ now,¹ my lords,ª turn in,ª° I pray you,¹ into¹ your servant'sª house,ª and tarry all night,ª° and washª° your feet,ª and ye shall rise up early,ª° and goª° on your ways.ª And they said,ª° Nay;¹ but¹ we will abide²° in the street² all night.ª°¹ ... And he pressedª° upon them greatly;ª and they turned inª° unto¹ him, and enteredª° into¹ his house;ª and he madeª° them a feast,ª and did bakeª° unleavened bread,ª and they did eat.ª°" {Gen 19:2-3} + "And it came to pass,¹ when Labanª heardª°¹ the tidingsª of Jacobª his sister'sª son,ª that he ranª° to meetª° him, and embracedª° him, and kissedª° him, and broughtª° him to¹ his house.ª And he toldª° Labanª¹ all¹ these¹ things.ª" {Gen 29:13} + "Then Jacobª offeredª° sacrificeª upon the mount,ª and calledª° his brethrenª to eatª° bread:ª and they did eatª° bread,ª and tarried all nightª° in the mount.ª" {Gen 31:54} + "And they made readyª°¹ the presentª againstª Josephª cameª° at noon:ª for¹ they heardª° that¹ they should eatª° breadª there.¹" {Gen 43:25} + "The strangerª did not¹ lodgeª° in the street:ª [but] I openedª° my doorsª to the traveller.ª" {Job 31:32} + "Then cameª° there unto¹ him all¹ his brethren,ª and all¹ his sisters,ª and all¹ they that had been of his acquaintanceª° before,ª and did eatª° breadª with¹ him in his house:ª and they bemoanedª° him, and comfortedª° him over¹ all¹ the evilª that¹ the LORDª had broughtª° upon¹ him: every manª also gaveª° him a² piece of money,ª¹ and every oneª an¹ earringª of gold.ª" {Job 42:11} + "Well reported ofª° forª goodª works;ª ifª she have brought up²° children,¹ ifª she have lodged strangers,ª° ifª she have washedª° the saints'ª feet,ª if²¹ she have relievedª° the afflicted,ª° ifª she have diligently followedª° everyª goodª work.ª" {1Tm 5:10} + "Be²° not² forgetfulª°¹ to entertain strangers:ª forª therebyªª someª have entertainedª° angelsª unawares.ª°" {Hbr 13:2}

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