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{Exodus 2:10} And the child 3206 grew, 1431 z8799 and she brought 935 z8686 him unto Pharaoh's 6547 daughter, 1323 and he became x1961 her son. 1121 And she called 7121 z8799 his name 8034 Moses: 4872 and she said, 559 z8799 Because x3588 I drew 4871 z8804 him out of x4480 the water. 4325
and he:
"And now¹ thy twoª sons,ª Ephraimª and Manasseh,ª which were bornª° unto thee in the landª of Egyptª beforeª I cameª° unto¹ thee into Egypt,ª [are] mine; as Reubenª and Simeon,ª they shall be¹ mine." {Gen 48:5} + "Andª when heª was cast out,ª° Pharaoh'sª daughterª took²° him² up,ª°¹ andª nourishedª° himª forª her ownª son.ª ... Andª Mosesª was learnedª° in allª the wisdomª of the Egyptians,ª andª wasª° mightyª inª wordsª andª inª deeds.ª" {Act 7:21-22} + "Toª redeemª° them¹ that were underª the law,ª thatª we might receiveª° the¹ adoption of sons.ª" {Gal 4:5} + "By faithª Moses,ª when he was come²° to years,ª¹ refusedª° to be calledª° the sonª of Pharaoh'sª daughter;ª" {Hbr 11:24} + "Behold,ª° what mannerª of loveª the¹ Fatherª hath bestowedª° upon us,ª thatª we should be calledª° the sonsª of God:ª thereforeªª the¹ worldª knowethª° usª not,ª becauseª it knewª° himª not.ª" {1Jn 3:1}
Drawn out
"And Adam²¹ knewª°¹ his wifeª again;ª and she bareª° a son,ª and calledª° his¹ nameª Seth:ª For¹ God,ª [said she], hath appointedª° me anotherª seedª instead² of¹ Abel,ª whom² Cainª slew.ª°" {Gen 4:25} + "And the angelª of the LORDª saidª° unto her, Behold,ª thou [art] with child,ª and shalt bearª° a son,ª and shalt callª° his nameª Ishmael;ª because¹ the LORDª hath heardª°¹ thy affliction.ª" {Gen 16:11} + "Wherefore it came to pass,¹ when the timeª was comeª about after Hannahª had conceived,ª° that she bareª° a son,ª and calledª°¹ his nameª Samuel,ª [saying], Because¹ I have askedª° him of the LORD.ª¹" {1Sm 1:20} + "Andª she shall bring forthª° a son,ª andª thou shalt callª° hisª nameª JESUS:ª forª heª shall saveª° his²¹ peopleª fromª theirª sins.ª" {Mtt 1:21}

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