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{Exodus 2:3} And when she could 3201 z8804 not x3808 longer 5750 hide 6845 z8687 him, she took 3947 z8799 for him an ark 8392 of bulrushes, 1573 and daubed 2560 z8799 it with slime 2564 and with pitch, 2203 and put 7760 z8799 x853 the child 3206 therein; and she laid 7760 z8799 [it] in the flags 5488 by x5921 the river's 2975 brink. 8193
could not:
"And Pharaohª chargedª° all¹ his people,ª saying,ª° Every¹ sonª that is bornª ye shall castª° into the river,ª and every¹ daughterª ye shall save alive.ª°" {Exd 1:22} + "Andª when theyª were departed,ª° behold,ª° the angelª of the Lordª appearethª° to Josephª inª a dream,ª saying,ª° Arise,ª° and takeª° the¹ young childª andª hisª mother,ª andª fleeª° intoª Egypt,ª andª be¹ thou²° thereª untilª¹ I² bring²° thee² word:ª°¹ forª Herodª willª° seekª° the¹ young childª to destroyª° him.ª" {Mtt 2:13} + "Thenª Herod,ª when he sawª° thatª he was mockedª° ofª the¹ wise men,ª was exceeding² wroth,ª°¹ andª sent forth,ª° and¹ slewª° allª the¹ childrenª that¹ were inª Bethlehem,ª andª inª allª the¹ coastsª thereof,ª fromª two years oldª andª under,ª accordingª to the¹ timeª whichª he had diligently enquiredª° ofª the¹ wise men.ª" {Mtt 2:16} + "The sameª dealt subtilly²° with¹ ourª kindred,ª and evil entreatedª° ourª fathers,ª so that²° they cast outª¹ theirª young children,ª to the end² they might²° notª live.ª°" {Act 7:19}
an ark:
"That sendethª° ambassadorsª by the sea,ª even in vesselsª of bulrushesª uponª¹ the waters,ª [saying], Go,²°¹ ye swiftª messengers,ª to¹ a nationª scatteredª° and peeled,ª° to¹ a peopleª terribleª° from¹ their beginning¹ hitherto;ª a nationª meted outª² and trodden down,ª whose¹ landª the riversª have spoiled!ª°" {Isa 18:2}
Gome, is the papyrus, so famous in all antiquity. It grows on the banks of the Nile, and in marshy grounds; the stalk rises to the height of six or seven cubits above the water, is triangular, and terminates in a crown of small filaments, resembling hair. This reed was of the greatest use to the Egyptians; the pith serving them for food, and the woody part to build vessels with; which vessels frequently appear on various monuments of Egyptian antiquity. That boats were made of this reed is also attested by Pliny and others.
with slime:
"Makeª° thee an arkª of gopherª wood;ª roomsª shalt thou makeª°¹ in² the ark,ª and shalt pitchª° it withinª¹ and withoutª¹ with pitch.ª" {Gen 6:14} + "And they saidª° oneª to¹ another,ª Go to,ª° let us makeª° brick,ª and burnª° them throughly.ª And they had¹ brickª for stone,ª and slimeª hadª° they for morter.ª" {Gen 11:3} + "And the valeª of Siddimª [was full of]² slimepits;ªª and the kingsª of Sodomª and Gomorrahª fled,ª° and fellª° there;¹ and they that remainedª° fledª° to the mountain.ª" {Gen 14:10}

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