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{Genesis 49:29} And he charged 6680 z8762 them, and said 559 z8799 unto x413 them, I x589 am to be gathered 622 z8737 unto x413 my people: 5971 bury 6912 z8798 me with x413 my fathers 1 in x413 the cave 4631 that x834 [is] in the field 7704 of Ephron 6085 the Hittite, 2850
"Havingª° thenª giftsª differingª accordingª to the¹ graceª that is givenª° to us,ª whetherª prophecy,ª [let us prophesy] accordingª to the¹ proportionª of faith;ª ... Be²° notª overcomeª° ofª evil,ª butª overcomeª° evilª withª good.ª" {Rom 12:6-21}
bury me:
"And thou¹ shalt goª° to¹ thy fathersª in peace;ª thou shalt be buriedª° in a goodª old age.ª" {Gen 15:15} + "Then Abrahamª gave up the ghost,ª° and diedª° in a goodª old age,ª an old man,ª and fullª [of years]; and was gatheredª° to¹ his people.ª ... And these¹ [are] the yearsª of the lifeª of Ishmael,ª an hundredª² and thirtyª² and sevenª years:ª and he gave up the ghostª° and died;ª° and was gatheredª° unto¹ his people.ª" {Gen 25:8-17} + "And Isaacª gave up the ghost,ª° and died,ª° and was gatheredª° unto¹ his people,ª [being] oldª and fullª of days:ª and his sonsª Esauª and Jacobª buriedª° him." {Gen 35:29} + "To the general assemblyª andª churchª of the firstborn,ª which are writtenª° inª heaven,ª andª to Godª the Judgeª of all,ª andª to the spiritsª of just menª made perfect,ª°" {Hbr 12:23}
in the cave:
"But I will lieª° with¹ my fathers,ª and thou shalt carryª° me out of Egypt,ª¹ and buryª° me in their buryingplace.ª And he said,ª° I¹ will doª° as thou hast said.ª" {Gen 47:30} + "Let thy servant,ª I pray thee,¹ turn back again,ª° that I may dieª° in mine own city,ª [and be buried] by¹ the graveª of my fatherª and of my mother.ª But behold¹ thy servantª Chimham;ª let him go overª° with¹ my lordª the king;ª and doª° to him¹ what¹ shall seem¹ goodª² unto thee." {2Sm 19:37}
"For his sonsª carriedª° him into the landª of Canaan,ª and buriedª° him in the caveª of the fieldª of Machpelah,ª which¹ Abrahamª boughtª° with¹ the fieldª for a possessionª of a buryingplaceª of¹¹ Ephronª the Hittite,ª beforeª¹ Mamre.ª" {Gen 50:13}

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