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{Genesis 47:19} Wherefore x4100 shall we die 4191 z8799 before thine eyes, 5869 both x1571 we x587 and x1571 our land? 127 buy 7069 z8798 us and our land 127 for bread, 3899 and we x587 and our land 127 will be x1961 servants 5650 unto Pharaoh: 6547 and give 5414 z8798 [us] seed, 2233 that we may live, 2421 z8799 and not x3808 die, 4191 z8799 that the land 127 be not desolate. 3456 z8799 x3808
buy us:
"For there wereª that¹ said,ª° We,¹ our sons,ª and our daughters,ª [are] many:ª therefore we take upª° cornª [for them], that we may eat,ª° and live.ª° ... [Some] also there wereª that¹ said,ª° We¹ have mortgagedª° our lands,ª vineyards,ª and houses,ª that we might buyª° corn,ª because of the dearth.ª" {Neh 5:2-3} + "And Satanª answeredª°¹ the LORD,ª and said,ª° Skin² for skin,ª¹ yea, all¹ that¹ a manª hath will he giveª° for¹ his life.ª" {Job 2:4} + "All¹ her peopleª sigh,ª° they seekª° bread;ª they have givenª° their pleasant thingsª²° for meatª to relieveª° the soul:ª see,ª° O LORD,ª and consider;ª° for¹ I am become¹ vile.ª°" {Lam 1:11} + "We have givenª° the handª [to] the Egyptians,ª [and to] the Assyrians,ª to be satisfiedª° with bread.ª" {Lam 5:6} + "We gatª° our breadª with [the peril of] our livesª because² of¹¹ the swordª of the wilderness.ª" {Lam 5:9} + "Forª whatª is a manª profited,ª° ifª he shall gainª° the¹ wholeª world,ª and²¹ loseª° his own²¹ soul?ª orª whatª shall a manª giveª° in exchangeª for his²¹ soul?ª" {Mtt 16:26} + "Yeaª doubtless,ª andª I countª° all thingsª [but]¹ lossª forª²° the¹ excellencyª° of the¹ knowledgeª of Christª Jesusª myª Lord:ª forª whomª I have suffered the lossª° of all things,ª andª do countª° themª° [but] dung,ª thatª I may winª° Christ,ª ... Andª be foundª° inª him,ª notª havingª° mine ownª righteousness,ª whichª is ofª the law,ª butª that¹ which² is throughª the faithª of Christ,ª the¹ righteousnessª which² is ofª Godª byª faith:ª" {Php 3:8-9}
and give:
"Then Josephª saidª° unto¹ the people,ª Behold,¹ I have boughtª°² you this dayª and your landª for Pharaoh:ª lo,ª [here is] seedª for you, and ye shall sowª°¹ the land.ª" {Gen 47:23}

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