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{Genesis 47:16} And Joseph 3130 said, 559 z8799 Give 3051 z8798 your cattle; 4735 and I will give 5414 z8799 you for your cattle, 4735 if x518 money 3701 fail. 656 z8804
Give your cattle:
This was the wisest measure that could be adopted, both for the preservation of the people and the cattle. As the people had not grain for their own sustenance, consequently they could have none for their cattle. Hence they were in the most imminent danger of starving; and the people also were in equal danger; as they must have divided a portion of that bought for themselves with the cattle, which, for the sake of tillage, etc., they wished of course to preserve till the seven years' famine should end. "Thenª saidª° theseª men,ª We shall notª findª° anyª occasionª against² thisª Daniel,ª exceptª we findª° [it] against¹ him concerning the lawª of his God.ª ... Allª the presidentsª of the kingdom,ª the governors,ª and the princes,ª the counsellors,ª and the captains,ª have consulted togetherª° to establishª° a royalª statute,ª and to make a firmª° decree,ª that¹ whosoever¹¹ shall askª° a petitionª ofª anyª Godª or manª forª thirtyª days,ª saveª of¹ thee,² O king,ª he shall be castª° into the denª of lions.ª" {Dan 6:5-7} + "[He that] speakethª° truthª sheweth forthª° righteousness:ª but a falseª witnessª deceit.ª" {Prv 12:17} + "Give²° none offence,ª¹ neitherª to the Jews,ª norª to the Gentiles,ª norª to the¹ churchª of God:ª" {1Co 10:32} + "Finally,ª brethren,ª whatsoever thingsª areª° true,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] honest,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] just,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] pure,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] lovely,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] of good report;ª if [there be] anyª virtue,ª andª if [there be] anyª praise,ª think²° on¹ these things.ª" {Php 4:8} + "Walkª° inª wisdomª towardª them that are without,ª redeemingª° the¹ time.ª" {Col 4:5}

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