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{Genesis 47:15} And when money 3701 failed 8552 z8799 in the land 776 x4480 of Egypt, 4714 and in the land 776 x4480 of Canaan, 3667 all x3605 the Egyptians 4714 came 935 z8799 unto x413 Joseph, 3130 and said, 559 z8800 Give 3051 z8798 us bread: 3899 for why x4100 should we die 4191 z8799 in thy presence? x5048 for x3588 the money 3701 faileth. 656 z8804
am 2301, bc 1703
Give us bread:
"When that¹ yearª was ended,ª° they cameª° unto¹ him the secondª year,ª and saidª° unto him, We will not¹ hideª° [it] from¹ my lord,ª how that¹¹ our moneyª is spent;ª° my lordª also hathª our herdsª of cattle;ª there is not¹ ought leftª° in the sightª of my lord,ª but¹¹ our bodies,ª and our lands:ª ... Wherefore¹ shall we dieª° before thine eyes,ª both¹ we¹ and¹ our land?ª buyª° us and our landª for bread,ª and we¹ and our landª will be¹ servantsª unto Pharaoh:ª and giveª° [us] seed,ª that we may live,ª° and not¹ die,ª° that the landª be not desolate.ª°¹" {Gen 47:18-19} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in the increase,ª that ye shall giveª° the fifthª [part] unto Pharaoh,ª and fourª partsª shall be¹ your own, for seedª of the field,ª and for your food,ª and for them¹ of your households,ª and for foodª° for your little ones.ª" {Gen 47:24} + "And he saidª° unto the men²¹ of Succoth,ª Give,ª° I pray you,¹ loavesª of breadª unto the peopleª that¹ followª me; for¹ they¹ [be] faint,ª and I¹ am pursuingª° afterª Zebahª and Zalmunna,ª kingsª of Midian.ª" {Jdg 8:5} + "And he went upª° thence¹¹ to Penuel,ª and spakeª° unto¹ them likewise:ª and the men²¹ of Penuelª answeredª° him as¹ the men²¹ of Succothª had answeredª° [him]." {Jdg 8:8} + "Now¹ therefore what¹ isª under¹ thine hand?ª giveª° [me] fiveª [loaves of] breadª in mine hand,ª or¹ what there is present.ª°" {1Sm 21:3} + "Askª°¹ thy young men,ª and they will shewª° thee. Wherefore let the young menª findª° favourª in thine eyes:ª for¹ we comeª° in¹ a goodª day:ª give,ª° I pray thee,¹¹ whatsoever¹ comethª° to thine handª unto thy servants,ª and to thy sonª David.ª" {1Sm 25:8} + "Trustª° in the LORD,ª and doª° good;ª [so] shalt thou dwellª° in the land,ª and verilyª thou shalt be fed.ª°" {Psa 37:3} + "He¹ shall dwellª° on high:ª his place of defenceª [shall be] the munitionsª of rocks:ª breadª shall be givenª° him; his watersª [shall be] sure.ª°" {Isa 33:16} + "Giveª° usª this dayª ourª dailyª bread.ª" {Mtt 6:11}

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