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{Genesis 47:4} They said 559 z8799 moreover unto x413 Pharaoh, 6547 For to sojourn 1481 z8800 in the land 776 are we come; 935 z8804 for x3588 x834 thy servants 5650 have no x369 pasture 4829 for their flocks; 6629 for x3588 the famine 7458 [is] sore 3515 in the land 776 of Canaan: 3667 now x6258 therefore, we pray thee, x4994 let thy servants 5650 dwell 3427 z8799 in the land 776 of Goshen. 1657
For to:
"And there was¹ a famineª in the land:ª and Abramª went downª° into Egyptª to sojournª° there;¹ for¹ the famineª [was] grievousª in the land.ª" {Gen 12:10} + "And he saidª° unto Abram,ª Know²° of a suretyª° that¹ thy seedª shall be¹ a strangerª in a landª [that is] not¹ theirs, and shall serveª° them; and they shall afflictª° them fourª hundredª years;ª" {Gen 15:13} + "And thou shalt speakª° and sayª° beforeª the LORDª thy God,ª A Syrianª ready to perishª° [was] my father,ª and he went downª° into Egypt,ª and sojournedª° there¹ with² a few,ª¹ and became¹ there¹ a nation,ª great,ª mighty,ª and populous:ª" {Deu 26:5} + "Israelª also came²° into¹ Egypt;ª and Jacobª sojournedª° in the landª of Ham.ª" {Psa 105:23} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD,ª My peopleª went downª° aforetimeª into Egyptª to sojournª° there;¹ and the Assyrianª oppressedª° them without cause.ª" {Isa 52:4} + "Andª Godª spakeª° on this wise,ª Thatª hisª seedª shouldª° sojournª inª a strangeª land;ª andª that they should bring²° them² into bondage,ª°¹ andª entreat [them] evilª° four hundredª years.ª" {Act 7:6}
for the famine:
"And the famineª [was] soreª in the land.ª" {Gen 43:1} + "Nowª there cameª° a dearthª overª allª the¹ landª of Egyptª andª Chanaan,ª andª greatª affliction:ª andª ourª fathersª foundª° noª sustenance.ª" {Act 7:11}
let thy:
"That ye shall say,ª° Thy servants'ª trade²¹ hath been¹ about cattleª from our youthª¹ even until¹ now,¹ both¹ we,¹ [and] also¹ our fathers:ª that¹ ye may dwellª° in the landª of Goshen;ª for¹ every¹ shepherdªª° [is] an abominationª unto the Egyptians.ª" {Gen 46:34}

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