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{Genesis 42:28} And he said 559 z8799 unto x413 his brethren, 251 My money 3701 is restored; 7725 z8717 and, lo, 2009 [it is] even x1571 in my sack: 572 and their heart 3820 failed 3318 z8799 [them], and they were afraid, 2729 z8799 saying 559 z8800 one 376 to x413 another, 251 What x4100 [is] this x2063 [that] God 430 hath done 6213 z8804 unto us?
their heart:
"And Jacobª their fatherª saidª° unto¹ them, Me have ye bereavedª° [of my children]: Josephª [is] not,¹ and Simeonª [is] not,¹ and ye will takeª° Benjaminª [away]: all¹ these things are¹ against¹ me." {Gen 42:36} + "And Isaacª trembledª° very² exceedingly,ªª¹¹ and said,ª° Who?¹ whereª [is] he¹ that hath takenª° venison,ª and broughtª° [it] me, and I have eatenª° of all¹¹ before¹ thou camest,ª° and have blessedª° him? yea,¹ [and] he shall be¹ blessed.ª°" {Gen 27:33} + "And upon them that are leftª° [alive] of you I will sendª° a faintnessª into their heartsª in the landsª of their enemies;ª° and the soundª of a shakenª° leafª shall chaseª° them; and they shall flee,ª° as fleeingª from a sword;ª and they shall fallª° when none¹ pursueth.ª°" {Lev 26:36} + "And among theseª nationsª shalt thou find no ease,ª°¹ neither¹ shall the soleª of thy footª have¹ rest:ª but the LORDª shall giveª° thee there¹ a tremblingª heart,ª and failingª of eyes,ª and sorrowª of mind:ª" {Deu 28:65} + "And the meatª of his table,ª and the sittingª of his servants,ª and the attendanceª of his ministers,ª° and their apparel,ª and his cupbearers,²°¹ and his ascentª by which¹ he went upª° unto the houseª of the LORD;ª there was¹ no¹ more¹ spiritª in her." {1Kg 10:5} + "From the endª¹ of the earthª will I cryª° unto¹ thee, when my heartª is overwhelmed:ª° leadª° me to the rockª [that] is higherª° than¹ I." {Psa 61:2} + "I¹ openedª° to my beloved;ª but my belovedª had withdrawnª° himself, [and] was gone:ª° my soulª failedª° when he spake:ª° I soughtª° him, but I could not¹ findª° him; I calledª° him, but he gave me no answer.ª°¹" {Sgs 5:6} + "Men'sª hearts failing themª° forª fear,ª andª for looking afterª those things which are coming onª° the¹ earth:ª forª the¹ powersª of heavenª shall be shaken.ª°" {Lke 21:26}
failed them:
Heb. went forth, This refers to the spasmodic affection which is felt in the breast at any sudden alarm or fright.
What is:
"I formª° the light,ª and createª° darkness:ª I makeª° peace,ª and createª° evil:ª I¹ the LORDª doª° all¹ these¹ [things]." {Isa 45:7} + "The LORDª hath doneª° [that] which¹ he had devised;ª° he hath fulfilledª° his wordª that¹ he had commandedª° in the daysª¹ of old:ª he hath thrown down,ª° and hath not¹ pitied:ª° and he hath caused [thine] enemyª° to rejoiceª° over¹ thee, he hath set upª° the hornª of thine adversaries.ª" {Lam 2:17} + "Who¹ [is] he¹ [that] saith,ª° and it cometh to pass,¹ [when] the Lordª commandethª° [it] not?¹" {Lam 3:37} + "Shall a trumpetª be blownª° in the city,ª and the peopleª not¹ be afraid?ª° shall there be¹ evilª in a city,ª and the LORDª hath not¹ doneª° [it]?" {Ams 3:6}

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