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{Genesis 42:25} Then Joseph 3130 commanded 6680 z8762 to fill 4390 z8762 x853 their sacks 3627 with corn, 1250 and to restore 7725 z8687 every man's 376 money 3701 into x413 his sack, 8242 and to give 5414 z8800 them provision 6720 for the way: 1870 and thus 3651 did x6213 he y6213 z8799 unto them.
"And he commandedª°¹ the steward¹¹ of his house,ª saying,ª° Fillª°¹ the men's²¹ sacksª [with] food,ª as much asª they canª° carry,ª° and putª° every man'sª moneyª in his sack'sª mouth.ª ... And putª° my cup,ª the silverª cup,ª in the sack'sª mouthª of the youngest,ª and his cornª money.ª And he didª° according to the wordª that¹ Josephª had spoken.ª°" {Gen 44:1-2} + "Ho,ª every one¹ that thirsteth,ª come²°¹ ye to the waters,ª and he that¹ hath no¹ money;ª come²°¹ ye, buy,ª° and eat;ª° yea, come,²°¹ buyª° wineª and milkª without¹ moneyª and without¹ price.ª" {Isa 55:1}
to give them:
"And the childrenª of Israelª didª° so:¹ and Josephª gaveª° them wagons,ª according to¹ the commandmentª of Pharaoh,ª and gaveª° them provisionª for the way.ª" {Gen 45:21} + "Butª seek¹ ye²° firstª the¹ kingdomª of God,ª andª hisª righteousness;ª andª allª these thingsª shall be addedª° unto you.ª" {Mtt 6:33}
and thus:
"Butª Iª sayª° unto you,ª Loveª° yourª enemies,ª blessª° them that curseª° you,ª doª° goodª to them that hateª° you,ª andª prayª° forª them which² despitefully useª° you,ª andª persecuteª° you;ª" {Mtt 5:44} + "Recompenseª° to no manª evilª forª evil.ª Provideª° things honestª in the sightª of allª men.ª ... Be²° notª overcomeª° ofª evil,ª butª overcomeª° evilª withª good.ª" {Rom 12:17-21} + "Notª renderingª° evilª forª evil,ª orª railingª forª railing:ª butª contrariwiseª blessing;²¹ knowingª° thatª ye are²° thereuntoªª called,ª° thatª ye should inheritª° a blessing.²°¹" {1Pe 3:9}

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