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{Genesis 42:24} And he turned himself about 5437 z8735 from x4480 x5921 them, and wept; 1058 z8799 and returned x7725 to x413 them again, y7725 z8799 and communed 1696 z8762 with x413 them, and took 3947 z8799 from x4480 x854 them x853 Simeon, 8095 and bound 631 z8799 him before their eyes. 5869
"And Josephª made haste;ª° for¹ his bowelsª did yearnª° upon¹ his brother:ª and he soughtª° [where] to weep;ª° and he entered²° into¹ [his] chamber,ª and weptª° there.¹" {Gen 43:30} + "In all¹ their afflictionª he was afflicted,ª and the angelª of his presenceª savedª° them: in his loveª and in his pityª he¹ redeemedª° them; and he bareª° them, and carriedª° them all¹ the daysª of old.ª" {Isa 63:9} + "Andª whenª he was come near,ª° he beheldª° the¹ city,ª and weptª° overª it,ª" {Lke 19:41} + "Rejoiceª° withª them that do rejoice,ª° andª weepª° withª them that weep.ª°" {Rom 12:15} + "Andª whetherª oneª memberª suffer,ª° allª the¹ membersª suffer with¹ it;²° orª oneª memberª be honoured,ª° allª the¹ membersª rejoice with¹ it.²°" {1Co 12:26} + "Forª we haveª° notª an high priestª which cannotªª° be touched with the feeling²° of¹ ourª infirmities;ª butª was²° inª all pointsª temptedª°°² like² asª¹ [we are, yet] withoutª sin.ª" {Hbr 4:15}
"And it came to pass¹ on the thirdª day,ª when they were¹ sore,ª° that twoª of the sonsª of Jacob,ª Simeonª and Levi,ª Dinah'sª brethren,ª tookª° each manª his sword,ª and cameª° upon¹ the cityª boldly,ª and slewª° all¹ the males.ª" {Gen 34:25} + "Simeonª and Leviª [are] brethren;ª instrumentsª of crueltyª [are in] their habitations.ª ... Cursedª° [be] their anger,ª for¹ [it was] fierce;ª and their wrath,ª for¹ it was cruel:ª° I will divideª° them in Jacob,ª and scatterª° them in Israel.ª" {Gen 49:5-7} + "Andª² of someª¹ have compassion,ª° making a difference:ª° ... Andª othersª saveª° withª fear,ª pullingª° [them] out ofª the¹ fire;ª hatingª° evenª the¹ garmentª spotted²°¹ byª the¹ flesh.ª" {Jde 1:22-23}

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