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{Genesis 42:4} But Benjamin, 1144 Joseph's 3130 brother, 251 Jacob 3290 sent 7971 z8804 not x3808 with x854 his brethren; 251 for x3588 he said, 559 z8804 Lest peradventure 6435 mischief 611 befall x7122 him. y7122 z8799
"And they journeyedª° from Bethel;ª¹ and there was¹ butª a little² wayª¹ to comeª° to Ephrath:ª and Rachelª travailed,ª° and she had hardª° labour.ª° ... And Rachelª died,ª° and was buriedª° in the wayª to Ephrath,ª which¹ [is] Bethlehem.ª" {Gen 35:16-19}
"And he said,ª° My sonª shall not¹ go downª° with¹ you; for¹ his brotherª is dead,ª° and he¹ is leftª° alone:¹ if mischiefª befallª° him by the wayª in the which¹ ye go,²°¹ then shall ye bring downª°¹ my gray hairsª with sorrowª to the grave.ª" {Gen 42:38} + "And the LORDª Godª said,ª° Behold,ª the manª is become¹ as oneª of¹ us, to knowª° goodª and evil:ª and now,¹ lest¹ he put forthª° his hand,ª and takeª° also¹ of the treeª¹ of life,ª and eat,ª° and liveª° for ever:ª" {Gen 3:22} + "And they said,ª° Go to,ª° let us buildª° us a cityª and a tower,ª whose topª [may reach] unto heaven;ª and let us makeª° us a name,ª lest¹ we be scattered abroadª° upon¹ the faceª of the whole¹ earth.ª" {Gen 11:4} + "And Jacobª lifted upª° his eyes,ª and looked,ª° and, behold,¹ Esauª came,ª° and with¹ him fourª hundredª men.ª And he dividedª°¹ the childrenª unto¹ Leah,ª and unto¹ Rachel,ª and unto¹ the twoª handmaids.ª ... And he putª°¹ the handmaidsª and their childrenª foremost,ª and Leahª and her childrenª after,ª and Rachelª and Josephª hindermost.ª" {Gen 33:1-2} + "And Godª Almightyª giveª° you mercyª beforeª the man,ª that he may send awayª°¹ your otherª brother,ª and Benjamin.ª Ifª I¹ be bereavedª° [of my children], I am bereaved.ª°" {Gen 43:14} + "And he lifted upª° his eyes,ª and sawª° his brotherª¹ Benjamin,ª his mother'sª son,ª and said,ª° [Is] this¹ your youngerª brother,ª of whom¹ ye spakeª° unto¹ me? And he said,ª° Godª be graciousª° unto thee, my son.ª" {Gen 43:29} + "And we saidª° unto¹ my lord,ª We haveª a father,ª an old man,ª and a childª of his old age,ª a little one;ª and his brotherª is dead,ª° and he¹ alone¹ is leftª° of his mother,ª and his fatherª lovethª° him. ... And we saidª° unto¹ my lord,ª The ladª cannotª°¹ leaveª°¹ his father:ª for [if] he should leaveª°¹ his father,ª [his father] would die.ª°" {Gen 44:20-22} + "And thy servantª my fatherª saidª° unto¹ us, Ye¹ knowª° that¹ my wifeª bareª° me twoª [sons]: ... For¹ howª shall I go upª° to¹ my father,ª and the ladª [be] not¹ with¹ me? lest peradventure¹ I seeª° the evilª that¹ shall come onª°¹ my father.ª" {Gen 44:27-34}

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